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‘Angels lifted our vehicle’

An eyewitness to a fatal head-on collision on the N1 near Worcester on July 17, 2014, told a local newspaper that a truck attempted to overtake another vehicle and drove into the path of three oncoming vehicles, crashing into the front and back vehicles but not damaging the middle one. So what […]

Last 9/11 survivor finds angel in the rubble

Americans remember 9/11 victims Originally published in Charisma News Genelle Guzman-McMillian was the last person pulled from the rubble of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks 13 years ago. She said God has given her a miraculous second chance, which she is using to remind others that life is not […]

Angel helps lead Muslim to Christ

Originally published in God Reports After relatives locked him in a cellar, he was freed by police After a powerful visitation by an angel brought a Muslim to his knees in repentance and faith, relatives hostile to Christianity locked the man in a cellar. After languishing for days in the […]