‘Angels lifted our vehicle’

Cathy and Monte Jordaan of Somerset West.
Cathy and Monte Jordaan of Somerset West.
The accident report in Standard on July 24.
The accident report in Standard on July 24.

An eyewitness to a fatal head-on collision on the N1 near Worcester on July 17, 2014, told a local newspaper that a truck attempted to overtake another vehicle and drove into the path of three oncoming vehicles, crashing into the front and back vehicles but not damaging the middle one.

So what happened to the middle vehicle?

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The occupants of the middle vehicle, Monte and Cathy Jordaan of Somerset West, say their car was lifted out of harms way by angels.

Both accounts of the accident which has claimed three lives were reported in the Worcester newspaper, Standard, on July 24.

Monte has sent Gateway News a detailed account of the couple’s experience on the day of the accident.

He writes: “It was a rainy, Thursday morning, the 17th of July 2014. We were travelling from Worcester (South Africa), after attending a funeral of a friend who died a few days earlier. We knew that he just changed residence because he confessed with his mouth, and accepted Jesus Christ, as his Lord and savior!

“After the church service, as we were leaving the parking lot, my wife Cathy, asked me a very strange question…’Who do you want to attend to our funeral service, should we die?’ I answered the question and continued the journey back to our hometown, Somerset West, Cape Town.

“We travelled for about 13 minutes on the N1 highway, at 110 km per hour, as the road was wet and the traffic in both directions was quite heavy! The radio signal was not good, so we turned off the radio.

A white misty cloud
“About 10 km outside Worcester, on a straight stretch of road, the following happened in an instant! A white misty cloud surrounded the car in a ‘rushing wind’ sound. We did not know or understand what were happening. Everything went into a ‘slow motion’ mode with debris approaching us from the front. It was dead quiet inside the vehicle, and we did not hear anything, except the ‘soft ticking” noise as debris was touching the outside of the vehicle. We had the feeling that we were in a sort of ‘glass bowl!’ Cathy asked me ‘what is going on’ and my answer was ‘I do not know!’

“As quickly as the cloud came, it disappeared! The next moment there was a car wreck in front of us, on the left of the road (remember we drive on the left side of the road) with no roof, no wheels,no engine, no dashboard…only a lifeless body of a young man, still buckled up in his seat, trapped in the wreck. Cathy started yelling hysterically: ‘It is a car accident, there are people in there, there are people in there!’ Then I realised that we had to get off the highway as soon as possible. I drove forward over some of the debris that was lying on the road, pulled off, and called the local 911. As this happened, a man came running up to us, who was an eyewitness, and shouted:’You are so lucky, so lucky that you are alive; it should have been you too!” Instantaneously I replied: “It’s not luck, it is God!” Cathy asked him what happened and he replied that a large truck had tried to overtake another vehicle, and crashed head-on, into both the car in front of us and the pickup truck behind us, killing occupants in the two vehicles. We looked back and saw the white pickup and the large truck on the same side of the road behind us. We had been travelling in between these vehicles that had been struck head-on by the large truck.

“We later found out that all the people died that were in the three vehicles involved. The N1 highway was closed due to the accident for five hours so that the bodies of the victims could be released by the jaws of life and the road could be cleared and cleaned up. There is no explanation how the truck could have passed us, not crushing our vehicle or how we did not crash into them as we where driving at 110 km per hour. There is basically no damage to our vehicle other than a few spots and the damage caused to the front grille of the car when I drove over the debris that was left in the road when I felt urged to get out of the way. Not a hint of a scratch to myself or Cathy!

“That day, we saw the loss of a loved one being buried, we saw death in action, we experienced near death ourselves, and experienced and saw the presence and the power of Jesus Christ in action!

The presence of God
“We were taken out of extreme danger by the hands of God (we actually saw the presence of God in the white cloud that surrounded us) through a horrific accident, involving three vehicles. We could also sense in the Spirit, satan’s hatred on the outside during this event!

“We experienced, and saw that God is alive, and real and very powerful! Me and my house will serve the Lord Jesus Christ forever!

“1 John 5:11-13 — And this is the testimony, that God gave us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life.I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life.”

In a further email to Gateway News, Monte says: “We heard of what had happened from the eyewitness that ran towards us afterwards and that saw the accident and what actually happened! We did not get out to view as the Holy Spirit instructed me to drive! I understand now that God did not want us to see the death and destruction
around us, because the glory belongs to Jesus!”


  1. HalleluYah! Wow, His goodness is overwhelming.

  2. Dieter Hüllermeier

    Wow, when you least expected God show up in all His glory. Praise the Lord….thank you Jesus.

  3. Dear Monte and Cathy, I had a similar experience to yours when my car was also lifted out of harm way when a car pulled out from behind a truck a few metre in front of me and I had no time to react and swerve because there was another truck blocking me alongside in the left lane so I resigned myself to certain death if the Lord’s angels had not intervened. I was 56 (12 years ago)at the time and had just committed my life to the Lord. He had a plan and a purpose for me so that today I visit schools to teach creation science and hence dispel the myth of evolution that is poisoning the minds’of many of our youngsters. What the devil meant for bad God turned around for good. Romans 8:28 All things work for good for those that love God. I often wondered if I was imagining things so I appreciate that you had a similar experience and today I know it was a supernatural miracle and so was yours.Praise the Lord