John Hagee — The Three Heavens: Book Review

3heavensBook Review by Allan Verreynne

The Three Heavens — Angels, Demons and What Lies Ahead by John Hagee
Published by Worthy Books, Tennessee. 2015

John Hagee takes us on a breathtaking biblical tour of the three heavens, and reveals the timeless clash between the Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of Darkness. He also explains why that battle makes all the difference in this world and the world to come.

He uses experience, expertise, social research and the Scriptures (peppered with real life accounts of demonization and deliverance) to expose Satan’s sinister and diabolical tactics, and how they affect each one of us.

The context
As a reviewer, I need to look at the context. The book is written out of America in a first-world setting. The freedom of the electronic age is entrenched in society. Access to films, DVD’s, games etc, are legion. They are increasing in intensity in the areas of sex, drug abuse, violence, disrespect, family trauma and the like. This in turn has spawned horrendous attacks on innocent civilians and caused countless, and untold heart ache. The result is the subtle breakdown of the family structure and consequently society itself. Society seems blissfully unaware of the frightening impact and erosion by the demonic on modern world. We South Africans cannot cast a blind eye to these reports. Under the skin of our society lies a cesspool and seething cauldron of a dark, depressive and dangerous world fired by Satan himself! The average household is lulled into a false sense of security. Don’t think that what is happening over there is not actually happening over here! The second section forms the bulk of the book, with a clear, clarion call to “Wake – up!” out any spiritual comfort and lethargy about the demonic world. There are more than sixty references in the New Testament  to “demons”, “evil spirits”, or “devils” when describing demonically tormented people.

I would seriously advocate any parent with children (pre or post teen), to read this book.

This book will give you a bloodied nose, for sure!

In his usual style, Hagee doesn’t hold back any punches as he unleashes a barrage of blows against the insidious attacks of the Devil on Christ and His church, through many occultic agents. He is like a trainer in the ring, telling you what to expect and advising you as to how you can counter-punch (with killer-blows!) through the victory that Christ ensures, and by the assistance of His angels. It makes you sit up and read on – you simply cannot put the book down!

Without going into too much detail, Hagee covers topics such as:

  • Lucifer – his nature and intent
  • Murder & demons
  • Children’s films
  • Toxic television, films that have resulted in demonic activity
  • Satanic rituals. Nazism. Al Qaeda, the Taliban and ISIS

A riveting quote is found on page 144 “You would think that after suffering such horrific movie-linked murders, society would be crying out for sanity. However, we have become so desensitized to the reality of the violence that when the news reports of the latest killings come to light, we somehow think we are simply watching another another movie that will soon be over”

Clinical psychologist Dr Michael Mantell said: “In this country, we tend to tear down what’s good and in a freakish way, celebrate what is evil”

He then finally, looks at the deep riches of the Third Heaven and how our hope of that eternal home changes our life and lifestyle on earth.

On the deliverance side, Hagee is very practical. He emphasises that Christ has come to set the captives free. Just a few references are from Luke 4: 33 – 37; 38 – 41. He provides a Journey to Freedom and prayers for deliverance, which God has honoured throughout his ministry

His approach, in a nutshell is: “Recognize, Reject and Remove”

He advocates that we guard the following “gates”: Mind; Emotion (doubt, worry, fear, resentment, rebellion); Speech; and Carnality.

I found his teaching on angels, very Biblical and very helpful indeed.

If you are serious about being vigilant against Satan and his wiles, and you wish to be prepared in the protection of your family, then I suggest that you acquire this book soon!

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  1. Francois du Toit

    I acquired this book on Saturday (5/7/2015) and already read the first 100 pages – it is giving me answers on things I was wondering about, I learn more of things I only know little about and it is changing so many perceptions in my mind. I realize to be a soldier of light for Christ I have to now the enemy and his tactics, knowing who I am in Christ and knowing the enemy makes you the ultimate soldier of light. Just this morning I prayed to the holy spirit to confirm to me if this book I bought is the truth and the right book to read – and after I also read your review I feel peace that I can finish reading this book. God bless.