Angus Buchan calls on SA Christians to attend Speak Jesus national prayer day in Krugersdorp

Angus Buchan urges Christians from all over SA to do whatever it takes to come to the Speak Jesus national prayer event on Heritage Day — September 24 — where he believes God will “do a huge deliverance”

Support for and excitement about the Speak Jesus national prayer day at Krugersdorp on Saturday September 24 – Heritage Day – is mounting by the day, said farmer evangelist Angus Buchan in an interview this week.

What began as a response to a letter from a desperate Mogale City resident for Buchan to hold a prayer meeting in Krugersdorp over high unemployment, poverty, crime, drugs, alcoholism, prostitution, satanism and absolute despair in the area has developed into a national prayer day that is capturing the imagination of Christians throughout South Africa and abroad, he said. When he read the letter a little over a month ago he was going through his correspondence “very strictly” as “I already had quite a lot on my plate”, he said.

“That is where I want you to go”
“But straight away the Holy Spirit said to me: That is where I want you to go,” he said.

So, in faith, and without a budget, they agreed to hold a prayer meeting in Krugersdorp to speak the name of Jesus over the area – trusting that the enemy would flee. And soon afterwards incidents like the Krugersdorp mine dump gang rape highlighted the dire need for a Jesus intervention in the town and massive support for the initiative – including from the executive mayor of Mogale City, Tyrone Grey, and his team — began to come in, said Buchan.

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A huge area near the intersection of the N14 and R28 is being prepared for the big Jesus Speaks national prayer day event in Krugersdorp on September 24

“We’ve got an area bigger than my farm that is being cleared for the prayer event — and we have also been given a massive area for parking across the road.

“We have a huge team… Medical guys and disaster management are on board. We have a stage and sound equipment.

“We have billboards on highways – and we haven’t had to pay for one of them – People are giving towards flyers – somebody donated a million rand towards advertising right through the nation.

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Army of intercessors
“We’ve got no less than 3 000 intercessors praying right around the clock right around the world for this event

“And we’ve got guys coming from Queensland Australia and Yorkshire England – They’re coming just  for this one day because they want to see what God is going to do. 

“Farmers are coming from the Karoo, a music team is coming from Cape Town…it is no longer just a Krugerdorp thing. It’s a national prayer meeting,” said Buchan.

Asked what the national prayer focus of the meeting is, Buchan said: “It is found in 1 John chapter 4 and verse 4: “Greater if He within us than he who is in the world”

“We want to take the people’s focus off their circumstances and put their focus on the Miracle Worker,” he said.

“Huge deliverance”
“And we are believing that God is going to do a huge deliverance on that day. I’m not somebody who is looking for demons under every hedge and under every chair but in this particular instance I know that deliverance is needed.

“I’m talking about deliverance from things like depression. I’m talking about fear anxiety, stress, alcoholism, drug addiction, prostitution, unemployment and just the general loss of hope

“And I just believe that the Lord is going to come and just minister to us where we are sitting. I cant lay hands on people — there’ll bet too many people there. But God is going to do it, And He’s going to bring his legions of angels and we are going to be adoring spectators,”

Buchan stressed that he is in need of God’s intervention as much as everybody else. “I am not sitting in an ivory tower in some other place, saying: “Go for it boys, we’ll pray for you. No, no, no, no. I am in the trenches with you. I’m right in amongst the farm murders. I’m right in amongst the economic chaos –prices of fuel and fertiliser. I’m there. I’m right in amongst the negativity,

“I’m not blaming anybody, because if you walk by sight and not by faith that is what is going to happen. And the national focus is to say: ‘Boys! Two words: But God’ -Our God is a miracle worker and we are going to call on Him.

“We’re going to say sorry. We’re going to repent from a heart of unbelief and negativity. And then we’re going to ask God to undertake for us. And and you know something — He’s going to do it.”

Buchan said he has invited President Cyril Ramaphosa and other celebrities to attend the event — not to be on the stage but to partake in prayer. But he said his heart for the prayer day is for ordinary South Africans — “the whosoevers”.

Buchan urged Christians throughout South Africa to come to the prayer day in person.

Cleansing of SA
“It’s going to be a wonderful, wonderful day. I really want to encourage the people to come. Bring a picnic lunch. Be good, pure, strong South Africans. Let’s allow Jesus to clean our country, starting in Krugersdorp and then going right through.

“There is no entry fee, there will be no collection, there is no need to register. The meeting will not be live-streamed. You need to be there.

“There will be water points and toilets – that’s it. No fast food or anything like that.

“It’s about repenting and seeking God’s face,” said Buchan.

He said gates will open at 7am and people will fill up the venue from the front.

“The first line of people will be right in front of the platform I don’t even want a 50m break. Right in front, moving backwards — I want to see the people.”

The venue is near the intersection of the R28 and N14. More info about the day, what to bring and about transport and accommodation options are available on the Angus Buchan app and online at

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  1. Greetings in Jesus Christ’s Mighty Name !
    This is a “for such a time as this” intervention!
    The Body of Christ coming together as ONE for the challenges in Mzansi! Our Heavenly Father will indeed incline His ear to our prayers/intercessions/supplications!
    And to Him be All The Glory!!!

    It is high time that doctrinal and cultural differences are set aside in the Body of Christ. Our land need healing!
    As long as what we do is not in opposition to our “Divine Constitution”, The Living Word of God.

    Some of us will not be there physically but are standing in the gap with uncle Angus and the entire Team with intercessions! SHALOM!
    Kopano ke Maatla!