Angus Buchan invites 100 000: “Come pray together in Soweto”

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Time is running out to book your free seat for the reconciliation gathering on November 19 in Soweto’s FNB stadium. Free tickets are available from Computicket.

The evangelist, Angus Buchan, one of the speakers at the ‘Sacred Assembly’ gathering, invites all adults and children to come and pray together for peace and stability in South Africa.

Love and forgiveness must replace violence and anger
He says there is huge need in South Africa as people fail to love one another, to understand and to forgive. This leads to a spirit of violence, anger and negativity that spills over to the youth and can ultimately be self-destructive. In the process we become loveless, distrust each other more and more and drag the country’s name through the mud.

The chief organiser of the event, singer Joe Niemand, says this is not a one-day event. “This should only be the start of something that will have a national impact.”

Joe says everything is offered for free in the interests of the country and its people and in the belief that our Heavenly Father will use it to change attitudes. “The event will extend beyond all colour, languages and church denominations.”

Joe explains how he met with a group of leaders in the taxi industry to discuss transport to the FNB stadium on November 19. It is very sensitive, as people have to be transported across demarcated zones. The negotiations were about peaceful cooperation and flexibility on the day. At the end of the meeting the entire group got up in the middle of the busy restaurant, stood in a circle, held hands and prayed together for God’s blessing on South Africa.

“It was a Godly moment and the presence of Jesus was tangible. The vast majority of people in South Africa, across all colour and cultural boundaries, yearn for hope, peace and justice.”

The 95 000 seater FNB Stadium, Soweto, one of the biggest soccer stadiums in the world, is the venue for a proposed sacred assembly of South African believers on November 19. (

South Africans are loving and yearn for hope, peace and justice
Buchan says South Africans often miss so many truths by focusing on the negative. “We live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world and by far most South Africans are warm and loving people. These are the same people who should bow before God and ask Him to break the spirit of destruction.

“I invite all South Africans to gather in Soweto on November 19 – young, old, black, white, coloured, Indian, men, women and children – each individual – miners, students, church ministers, farmers, sports people, housewives, the aged, teachers, politicians, business people and the unemployed…”

Buchan believes South Africans should in the first instance acknowledge that, as humans, we make mistakes and that we should ask for forgiveness. “Only when we bow before the Almighty and ask His guidance, can we expect an about turn in the country.”

The event is free, but tickets are available from Computicket on a first come first serve basis.

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  1. AWESOME! My eyes began to leak the moment I read this and watched the clip of Oom Angus…I wish I could be there…