Angus Buchan — It’s Time: Book Review

Book Review by Val Viljoen

I had the very great privilege of attending the “It’s Time” prayer event in Bloemfontein in April.. So the publishing of this book caught my attention immediately. And what a joy it has been to add to my experience of the event by reading this book.

Angus Buchan, the visionary of the historic “It’s Time” event, in fact, only wrote parts of this book — the largest section consists of testimonies. In the first part of this section, many of those involved in the organisation of this extraordinary event attest to the miraculous — before, during and after the prayer day. Almost all of them speak of experiencing God going ahead in the planning.

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Indeed for something as big as this prayer day, which was attended by about a million people, to have been organised in such a short time (six weeks) and with no budget, we can only believe in the supernatural hand of God.

How wonderful to read also the stories of so many who attended the event! There are many instances of God’s provision in actually being able to get to Bloemfontein on that day, and there are of course accounts of physical healings.

And then there are the stories of how “It’s Time” was actually experienced by so many of our fellow South Africans — the anticipation of the prayer day, joy-filled journeys, wonder and awe during the event itself — the huge crowd, the strange wind that carried God’s very presence and spoke of His acceptance and approval, the transforming effect on lives, the deepening of understanding and love for the great God we serve.

Buchan had written the introduction to the book and an awesome account of the day as he experienced it. Most importantly, he concludes the book with a chapter called “Where to from here: which emphasises the 22nd of April 2017 as the start of a new and great era of prayer and repentenance in which we can expect to see God move in the affairs of our great country.

The book is in hardcover format, has several pages of colour photographs and a section at the back for notes. It also has a presentation page and ribbon bookmark. All of this makes for a pleasing gift.

This is a book that can be thoroughly appreciated by so many — those who were there and those who wished they were, as well as those who are still wondering what all the fuss was about. They will certainly find out!

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  1. Barbara Wayman

    Great review ! Intend to but a copy as, unfortunately, we were not able to go