Angus Buchan launches new devotional Bible

Farmer, evangelist and author Angus Buchan with some of the people who were at a book-signing event in Pretoria last week to launch his new ‘The Bible with Grassroots reflections by Angus Buchan’.

Christian Art Publishers (CAP) held their quarterly Sales Conference at Centurion last week where they invited Angus Buchan as a guest speaker. CAP hosts these Sales Conferences to present latest books, films, CDs and products to bookstore owners and the media. At last week’s conference they presented Buchan’s latest work ‘The Bible with Grassroots reflections by Angus Buchan’.

It combines the insight of 366 Spirit-filled devotions with the complete text of the New King James Version. In Buchan’s characteristic style he challenges readers to grow and live as God has destined them. Also included is a one-year Bible reading plan. Angus Buchan’s message is clear and simple, and is taken straight from the Bible, or as he calls it, his agricultural manual.

In his address Buchan told the gathering: “My prayer for you is that you will come to know the Bible as the precious Word of God and store its life-changing truths in your heart. You should not care about my opinion or other people’s opinions or even your own opinion. You should only be concerned about God’s opinion, and that you will find in His Word.

Greatest achievement’
“Publishing this devotional Bible is my greatest achievement and one of my proudest moments. This is such a huge honour and means more to me than if Queen Elizabeth herself would dub me a knight.

“You must read the Bible with a plan. Start each day by reading a part in the Old Testament and the New Testament.”

After he addressed the crowd Buchan posed for pictures with those present. He insisted on including his treasured old Bible in the pictures. He said he does not go anywhere without the well-worn Bible.  A humble, unassuming man, he seemed so unaffected by the attention that surrounded him.

Buchan is one of CAP’s most beloved and popular authors. With the release of his latest offering they arranged book signings at various CUM bookstores around the country. After his address he proceeded to the Centurion Mall where he had a book signing and once again ministered to the people.

Uncle Angus never lets an opportunity to share the Good news of the Lord Jesus Christ pass him by. God is using this yielded humble vessel to take His word to the nations of the world. From America to the UK and beyond people are touched by his ministry.

One year reading plan
The Bible with Grassroots reflections by Angus Buchan is a guide and a companion for your quiet time. It helps you track how you are reading the Bible by giving you added info and research data on the topic that you might have chosen to cover in your yearly study. The Reading Plan will be helpful to a reader who has always wanted to read and finish reading the Bible in one year. It will guide you on areas to focus on as you track your progress. Buchan has been a popular author because he writes about what people can relate to. He warns his listeners never to take what he says as Gospel but to always back it up with the word of God. Get yourself a copy of the Bible with Grassroots reflections by Angus Buchan and mediate on the word day and night. Daily reading of this Bible will encourage readers and strengthen their faith as they walk with God.

Angus Buchan felt God’s calling on his life to spread the Gospel, and in 1980 started Shalom Ministries in South Africa. He spends much of his time writing, recording TV messages, and traveling around the world preaching. He is a full-time evangelist and sought-after speaker. He lives with his wife, Jill, on Shalom farm in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands.

The Bible with Grassroots is also available in Afrikaans.


  1. Congratulations Angus, a marvelous achievement and gift to Christians.

  2. Neil Macdonald

    I have just started this devotional, this is great stuff. I would like to use this for my home group of 20 Men, is an electronic version available so I can send out each day and if so how much?