Anti-Christian bias alive and well in SA media!

Defending family, faith and freedom

Several commercial radio stations invited me to comment on Chief Justice Mogoeng’s recent remarks on law and religion. The liberal media exposed their anti-Christian bias when they fell over themselves attempting to distort and misrepresent the gist of the Chief Justice speech.

Anti-Christian prejudice is alive and well in the mainstream media. I used my hour-long debate on SAFM on June 6 to expose the blatant and growing anti-Christian bigotry in the liberal media.

E-News Channel interviewed homosexual activist, Pierre de Vos as their “legal expert” and asked him “if Chief Justice Mogoeng is fit to occupy high office considering his Biblical beliefs.” This line of questioning suggests that Christian citizens with Biblical beliefs are not fit for public office.

I sent a statement to the media applauding the Chief Justice for defending and upholding fundamental rights like freedom of religion & freedom of speech & challenged media hypocrisy.

The secular humanist intelligentsia have dominated the media this past two weeks claiming that “South Africa is a secular state that has no place for religious ideology in its legislative process”.

Chief Justice Mogoeng did not suggest “religious ideology determine the nation’s laws”. He did, however, encourage lawmakers to use religious (Biblical values) to strengthen our laws. In particular, he made the case that marriage and the family can be strengthened by legislation.

South Africa’s secular constitution has done very little to strengthen and protect these vital institutions. In fact, legislation implemented since 1994 has undermined the natural family.

The attacks against the Biblical institution of marriage have reached crisis proportions. In the US, the Obama administration has used political power to decimate one-man, one-woman marriage.

In response to the global assault on marriage, the The International Organisation For Marriage has convened the “Global Forum on Marriage” in Washington DC on  June 19 – 20, 2014.

Arlene and I have been invited to represent South Africa at this prestigious international event  in which pro-marriage leaders from more than 80 nations will meet to network and strategise.

The “Global Forum on Marriage” coincides with the “National March for Marriage” in Washington DC. Arlene and I are privileged to participate in this noble event with other pro-marriage leaders.

The battle for the health and integrity of marriage and the family is the most fundamental battle of our time. The stability and prosperity of society depend entirely on the strength of the family.

Family Policy Institute will join forces with pro-family organisations around the world to reinforce our strength and abilities to defend the natural family and advance Biblical values in society.

Please also sign the petition calling on the United Nations to “include the family” in its resolutions. Sexual rights activists are committed to redefine the family to advance their wicked agenda.

Arlene and I depart for the US on 17 June. Please commit to pray for us. We have experienced increased attacks against our ministry and family. This means the victory is close. Keep praying!


Errol Naidoo
PS: Please tune into the “Watchmen on the Wall” Father’s Day Special on Sunday,  June 15,  at 7pm on TBN Africa. We feature interviews with TV personalities, Michael Mol and Zane Meas.

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  1. Pierre de Vos is a constitutional law expert….