Archbishop urges Christians to defend true Gospel

Archbishop Peter Jensen

Unless Christians acted now to defend the church and the true Gospel, liberal forces that preached a false Gospel would prevail within 10 years, the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney and General Secretary of the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (FCA) said in Port Elizabeth yesterday.

Speaking at a meeting of the FCA in St Saviour’s Anglican Church last night, Jensen said that the turmoil in the worldwide Anglican Communion which was triggered by the approval of gay marriages and ordination of gay bishops in North America, highlighted an issue that was¬† much broader than homosexuality: it went to the authority of Scripture and the heart of the Gospel. He said the issue was not just a threat to Anglicans but to the church at large.

He warned that the apparent lack of any decisive action by the liberal leaders within the Anglican Communion was in fact a calculated strategy to stall for time in the confident expectation that the majority of church members would gradually come around to their viewpoint which was shaped by modern culture rather than by the authority of Scripture.

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Africa not immune

“Do not think that Africa is immune to the threat,” he said. The liberals in the Anglican Communion, were condoning and promoting a homosexual lifestyle¬† that was once unthinkable in the Western church. But now, as the liberal viewpoint gained ground it was becoming more and more difficult in those societies for people to take a stand against it.

Jensen said the liberals’ demand that Anglicans should accept a lifestyle that was condemned by Scripture put people’s souls at risk and accounted for the realignment in the Anglican Church which led to the formation of the FCA in 2008 and their adoption of the Jerusalem Declaration which came out of the Global Anglican Futures Conference (GAFCON) which was attended by 291 Anglican bishops from around the world, as well as by clergy and laity.

He said the FCA was focusing on recognising and authenticating Anglicans who sought to distance themselves from official structures which had adopted liberal theology. And so, for instance, in 2009, a primates council which had emerged from GAFCON and which included seven leading primates, had recognised the Anglican Church of North America which had some 100 000 members and respresented mainstream Anglicanism.

Jensen said the other main thrust of the FCA was to defend the Biblical Gospel. Strategies included establishing theological colleges, spreading of orthodox theology, and assisting Gospel-centered churches to become self-funding in order to withstand the threat of withdrawal of liberal money. The FCA also planned to establish a strategic new office in London in order to intensify its international campaigns.

He urged Bible-believeing Anglicans in South Africa to support the FCA.

The founder of the FCA in South Africa, Father Gavin Mitchell, told the meeting that the FCA was establishing a new theological college in Stellenbosch as an alternative to colleges that had been “hijacked by liberals”.

In closing last night’s meeting, the Anglican Bishop of Port Elizabeth, Bethlehem Nopece, who is Episcopal Adviser to the FCA in South Africa, said agents of a false gospel were spreading the idea that the FCA was divisive. He urged Anglicans to stand up and articulate their faith. “When God’s people are not vocal, evil thrives. Open your mouths and defend the FCA because the attack is quite heavy as it is a threat to the false Gospel”


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  2. Jean Stephenson

    Jesus in the Gospels made it quite clear that the Truth would cause division. We must stand for Truth; we cannot be united in error! Ultimately it is God to whom we will have to give account for our faithfulness to the Gospel and the sound teaching of Scripture, not man. Be encouraged to continue in your faithful witness!

  3. I am with the Archbishop completely on this and would even extend his statement by substituting women priests and bishops in place of homosexuality even when I am sure the Archbishop did not intend to extend his address himself to include the fair sex!

  4. I am proud of my brothers and sisters in the Anglican communion who are unashamedly standing up for the truth and not being intimidated. Your position will help other denominations as well to take a stand. Be assured of our prayer and support.

  5. I can understand the Archbishop’s standpoint, but it makes me sad to see Christians divided over such issues. Admittedly, there is no easy way out, if one is willing to take both sides seriously. And yet, where in this ethical dilemma some choose to give preference to traditional Christian sexual ethics, while others are more guided by issues of justice, fairness and equality, we whould still strive to stand together (whether united or divided) – in the love of Jesus. Lord, have mercy upon us!

  6. No other comments

  7. As a matter of fact, “no other comments” sounds weak and I repent! The facts are succinctly described by Archbishop Jensen and I would urge all Bible believing people to standup and support the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans and what it stands for, to the glory of God.

  8. It is always refreshing to hear from sincere people who are willing to say what is on their mind. That said, sincerity does not mean Truth. Only God Himself knows all.

    We, those unworthy so much as to gather up crumbs, are left to interpret what is right to the best of our abilities that He gave to us. I agree that there are no “multiple Truths”. The difficulty is that we as individuals are unable to always recognize what is Truth. We see this every day as millions of people attempt to interpret what we call Scriptures. Divisions occur: “This is wrong.” “No, this is o.k. but that isn’t.” These divisions reveal the inadequacies of relying ONLY on Scripture and, indeed, is precisely why Anglicans have historically embraced Reason and Tradition along with Scripture. Our Church has generally recognized that unlimited “emotionalism” can cause great harm. Surely God knew that we wouldn’t agree on every point. We are His design, after all.

    The one principle that doesn’t seem to be in dispute is the very simple Golden Rule. We Christians also agree that there was a man named Jesus and that, in some way, he is at least partially divine and gave us lessons from which we should learn. Beyond that historical and philosophical disagreements occur. Within our own denomination, we all say the creeds, but differ on the meaning of words and interpretations.

    Perhaps the 39 Articles (38 outside of England) are instructive: [paraphrasing] “All that is necessary for salvation is found within Scripture.”

    It does NOT say that ALL Scripture is necessary for salvation.

    For full disclosure, you should know I am one of those middle-age cradle-Episcopalians who happens to be gay. I am hardly an activist, as few even know that I am gay. And I am certainly not in parish or diocesan leadership.

    In any event, do your best as I am trying to do mine.

  9. I agree with Archbishop Jensen, we look at the USA & UK to see the effects of abandoning scriptural living in society. Without Gods’ direction anarchy will reign, the dominant will lead “law of the jungle” prison culture is a good example of this with standover tactics, manipulation & fear-this is the heritage of the Enemy not God. We must stand up for our Christian Heritage or loose it to the forces attempting to dominate society to their agendas.

  10. Is the McDonald’s add at the top of the page part of the `True Gospel’ as well?