Asia Bibi accuser admits his charges are phony

Asia Bibi -- still in jail in Pakistan awaiting an appeal against the death sentence for blasphemy after she was arrested in June 2009

Originally published in Assist News Service

The case of Asia Bibi, the Pakistan Christian mother-of-five who was sentenced to death for alleged blasphemy, has taken an extraordinary turn.

According to a story monitored by the ASSIST News Service, Qari Salam, who accused Bibi of blasphemy charges, which resulted in a jail sentence and possible hanging, is reported to have “ostensibly” regretted filing a blasphemy charge against the impoverished Christian woman.

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“The source of his guilt – realization that the case was not based on facts but on hyped religious emotions and personal bias of some village women, including his wife,” said the story posted on a forum .

Bibi has been languishing in Sheikhupura jail since a sessions court gave her a death sentence for insulting Prophet Muhammad.

Salam, according to some of his close friends, was now thinking of not pursuing the case anymore and expressed his desire to some of his friends, only to find himself in a difficult situation when activists of an Islamic religious organization “convinced” him not to change his mind.

“We will chase her through hell … don’t worry about the money, hiring best lawyers,” Salam told The Express Tribune, quoting the son of Khatm-e-Nabuwat’s London chapter’s leader.

The leader’s son flew in to Nankana from London after hearing that Salam might not go to Lahore High Court (LHC) when the review petition against Asia’s conviction is taken up.

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  1. Allan Verreynne

    This is both the agony & the ecstacy! Ecstacy in that she will hopefully be released, and aginy that she has had to endure this needless trauma for the past years! Talk about torture. I pray that the accuser will be convicted by God’s Spirit of sin, God’s righteousness & God’s judgement. It pains me greatly what this poor woman had to go through. I have no doubt that God will speak through this ladies life!