Author: Anna-Maria Lombard

Rous brothers bring God-centred worldview to TV, film entertainment

[notice]ANNA-MARIA Lombard interviews polific filmmakers Josh and Luke Rous. — Originally written for[/notice] In a television and film industry where empty celebrity, debauchery and cut-throat business are the norm, Josh and Luke Rous of Rous House Productions have nailed their colours to another mast. Their website proclaims: “As Christians the […]

‘Pastor Patrick’ makes disciples, brings hope in drug hotspot

[notice]ANNA-MARIA Lombard chats with tenacious missionary, evangelist, academic and entrepreneur, Patrick Khaoya on his home turf in drug-infested downtown Windsor East in western Johannesburg. — Originally published in[/notice] For a change I’m not flagged down by men who brazenly charge up to the car window and elbow one another out […]

Powerful solutions for the world’s problems….on God’s terms

[notice]By ANNA-MARIA LOMBARD — originally published in[/notice] It could be you…or the unassuming guy sitting next to you in church…in fact God can download solutions for the world’s problems to anyone who’s ready to lay down their lives to implement His plans. In the case of the thorny problem of cable theft […]

From call centre drudgery to successful film-maker, author

[notice]By ANNA-MARIA LOMBARD — originally published in[/notice] God used old schoolfriend to say: “I do see you.” It’s the stuff of movies – but this story is real: He wrote his first motion picture screenplay in 10 days and secured investment from a major financial institution. Turning the screenplay […]