Author: Dianne Steven

The deadly truth about porn

[notice]Broadcasters like and Top TV believe it is their constitutional right to profit from the lucrative pornography industry. And adult porn consumers say it is their human right to choose what they want to view in private: nobody is getting hurt and those who don’t want to watch can […]

Ethics and dangers of IVF: Part 4

[notice]In Vitro Fetilisation (IVF) has become a fairly common procedure and a lifeline for many infertile couples. But is there more to this practice than meets the eye? DIANNE STEVEN sounds the alarm on medical, ethical and legal problems associated with IVF. In the final article of a 4-part series […]

KZN Government, community launching pilot strategy against illegal abortion advertising

A KwaZulu-Natal action group comprising public and private sector representatives is working on a joint strategy to eradicate illegal abortion advertising. The group, which includes the KwaZulu Natal (KZN) Department of Health, local SAPS and municipalities,  and an NGO which prefers to remain anonymous hope to launch a pilot project […]