Author: Dianne Steven

Fetishes, stolen goods, porn burnt at mission ‘fire service’

A wide variety of accursed articles were burnt at an Easter weekend ‘fire service’ at Kwasizabantu Mission, KwaZulu-Natal following a time of confession of sins by their owners. Fetishes, amulets, occult paraphernalia, drums used by witch doctors and for customary purposes, a range of stolen household and other goods, weapons, drugs, […]

Are Christians being gagged?

[notice]In this week’s Righteous Rant  DIANNE STEVEN sounds an alarm about a sinister force that she believes is attempting to eradicate the Christian worldview from the public arena in South Africa. Gateway News invites you to email your rant to for possible publication in this occasional column where readers get […]

Male Rape Part 4 — Causes and prevention

[notice]Male rape has, for a long time, been almost completely unacknowledged, rarely reported and often scorned. How, after all, can a man possibly be raped? In the final article in a 4-part series, DIANNE STEVEN considers root causes of rape and prevention measures.[/notice] Most people agree that rape and violence […]