Bethel Music — Without Words: Review

WITHOUTWORDSMusic Review by Ellenor Lotter


This week at last I can testify to the fact that I actually do know the artists who came up with this week’s new release.   Oh yes, none other than WITHOUT WORDS by Bethel Music. 

Five months ago I had the indescribable privilege of attending the Bethel School of Worship 2013 in Redding, California, the home of Bethel Church.  There were quite a number of attendees from our beautiful South Africa.  Being in this auditorium with over 700 worshippers from all over the world has touched and changed my life forever.  The atmosphere we experienced was pregnant with expectation and also the presence of the most High God and I can understand how such anointed music can flow from this place.

Starting the review of this beautiful album, I have to quote the CD cover…  “WITHOUT WORDS began as an experiment by the Bethel Music community who set out to push the creative boundaries of worship.  Songs from previous Bethel Music albums have been deconstructed and re-arranged into versions that hint at original melodies through unique instrumentation and modern sounds.  The album ventures into new territory, exploring what it is to worship without words.”

These guys have experimented with sounds that I have never heard being used in this context and I love it!  These songs have truly touched my heart and even while listening in my car while in traffic, I couldn’t help but enter into that quiet place where my soul just spontaneously wanted to erupt into worship.

As we enter into this latter part of a challenging year, I would highly recommend this album as a sacred pathway to take you to a place of intimate worship.  This might also be an excellent choice as a gift to someone whom you wish to bless with some peaceful sounds.

Until we meet again, let the worshipper in you arise!! 

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