Bill Johnson, Cindy Jacobs support GOD TV in wake of ‘moral failure’

Bethel Church's Bill Johnson called GOD TV viewers to throw their weight behind the network in the wake of co-founder Rory Alec's moral failure and resignation. (PHOTO: GOD TV)
Bethel Church’s Bill Johnson called GOD TV viewers to throw their weight behind the network in the wake of co-founder Rory Alec’s moral failure and resignation. (PHOTO: GOD TV)

Originally published in Charisma News

In a Wednesday broadcast from Jerusalem, GOD TV co-founder Wendy Alec spoke candidly about her husband Rory’s “moral failure.” Rory resigned in September after admitting to a breach in his marriage.

The special episode was prefaced by words from GOD TV trustees Steve Beik and Canon Andrew White.

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“GOD TV is doing the work of God, which the evil one wants to destroy,” said White. “We sense brokenness but are assured God is not finished with GOD TV.”

Beik, GOD TV’s chief of staff, told viewers the network is there to stay, its mission remains unchanged, and he thanked viewers for their ongoing support.

Charismatic leaders rallied around Wendy and GOD TV.

Bethel Church’s Bill Johnson called viewers to throw their weight behind GOD TV: “They’re in a place of real need right now. … This is the worst time for us to pull away from these friends of ours.”

Kim Clement appealed for Rory to return to his God-given calling. Lois Gott, senior leader of Bethshan Church, pointed to the need for “valiant intercessors” to rise up to pray for GOD TV and how heartache is often the precursor of revival.

For her part, Patricia King of XP Ministries said that the media carries the greatest spiritual attack and asks how believers should react when leaders falter: “By speaking the truth in love, which shows mercy.”

Cindy Jacobs of Generals of Intercession encouraged Wendy with a prophetic word: “No person built this network, God built this network and the Lord says, ‘I AM the foundation, if My people stand behind Wendy, the media anointing of Isaiah 52:7 shall continue. Daughter, I have anointed and appointed you for this battle, the angels you have written about are doing battle, and My angels are greater than any demon.'”

Jacobs also broke a spirit of grief over viewers.

“We are going to rise above this, we as family together,” she said. “We are taking the battle to the heavens, and we’re going to win.”

Click here to watch the Revival Alert broadcast.

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  1. Assie Van der Westhuizen

    The Bible says that if we ask God to forgive us, He does not only forgive, but he also “forgets” – our sins are being cast “behind His back in the deepest of the sea”, never to be remembered again. If God does not want to remember our failures and sins, why should we? Let us pray for Rory and Wendy, that they will find Grace to get over this thing and move forward, mindful and alert not to stumble again, but fighting the good fight and win the souls that need to be saved.

  2. Billie G, Bennie and Kennie and co, now Rory. All fall short…… is there none that love the Lord as they always try to tell us the sheep. Wolves in sheepskins. Tv preachers ? I will turn off as you wolves can’t teach me anymore. Goodbye

  3. Having watched the entire 1 hour and 30 minute replay broadcast just now, I am strongly impressed, among other things, that especially leaders in ministry, who are on the frontlines in these days of trouble and turmoil, must remember to get the order right: first God, then the marriage (and family), then only the ministry – so there will be no chink in the door that satan can use to get in because of unmet needs. ~ Further: I have a strong sense that what the devil meant for evil God will turn for GOOD, not just the Alecs and God TV but worldwide as God’s mandate to God TV will go to the next level! Amen

  4. very sad,this is the devil.. let him, who is without sin throw the first stone…(JESUS said so) keep Praying for Wendy and for Alec…and for God TV,amen.

  5. Jeethish and Reshma

    Don’t worry wendy…as you said nothing happens without Gods knowledge…we are praying for you and rory, and for your ministry…keep faith….if God is for us, who can be against us?