Blessed help for people suffering from incontinence

Casper and Anne-Marie Nice (PHOTO: Beautique Photography).

What started out as a business to supply quality washable products to people suffering from incontinence, was extended by God to include a ministry that offers hope to people who have lost their dignity.

Casper and Anne-Marie Nice started Dignity4You late last year when Anne-Marie’s mother, a Parkinson’s disease patient, developed an incontinence problem that robbed her of her dignity. Depression set in when the fear of embarrassment limited her socialisation with people.

It was at that low point that they were introduced to Di Hennings, who started Di’s Eco Dry’s 10 years ago to manufacture and supply a range of washable incontinence wear. Di’s health unfortunately deteriorated to such an extent that she decided to sell her business.

After a lot of time spent in prayer, God provided the opportunity for them to take over the business and become His hands and feet to serve people. They renamed the business to Dignity4You as a response to the change they observed in their own family.

Dignity4You currently provides six high-quality products in their range, all made in South Africa. They sell two types of polyester waterproofs, as well as waterproof ladies’ incontinence panties, men’s incontinence briefs and adult nappies. In addition, they offer a waterproof polyester drawsheet that can be placed underneath bedridden patients.

All the washable panties, briefs and nappies are made from 100% cotton and can be re-used up to 200 times. These environmentally friendly cotton products are very affordable and are three to five times cheaper when compared to disposables on an annual cost basis.

To be more accessible to customers, the business has launched a website — — with information, sizing, order, payment and delivery options at the click of a button. Social media friendly customers can also connect with them on Facebook at

The hope of a solution that can bring back lost dignity is a gift rarely found. Casper and Anne-Marie consider themselves privileged that God has given them the opportunity to minister and provide hope to people through the business he has entrusted them with.

Dignity4You have taken the mandate that God has entrusted them with and declare Jeremiah 29:11 over all their customers: “For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord …. plans not to harm you, but to give you a hope and a future.” For only He can restore your total dignity.

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  1. How wonderful! may your business blossom and grow. having been a nursing sister i can only imagine the wonderful comfort and sense of security these products must offer.Well done!