Bridge to Haven — Francine Rivers: Book review


Book review by Val Viljoen


Francine Rivers has used the ever-popular prodigal theme in this her latest and much anticipated new novel. Much of it is set in the Hollywood of the 1950’s – a further ingredient that makes for an interesting read.

An abandoned baby is found by a pastor early one morning as he does his daily prayer walk around town. Despite the fact that Abra becomes a cherished member of the community, she struggles with feelings of rejection. When a good looking and persuasive young man drifts into town she is flattered enough by his attention to feel she is in love and leaves with him.

The relationship turns sour very quickly, but Abra is already trapped by her poor decision. Although the years ahead bring her a life of worldly success and fame, she is never happy. There are however people from her old life who continue to love and pray for her and eventually those prayers are answered.

There is much of unconditional love, grace and redemption in this story, as well as inspiration for becoming a ‘bridge to a haven’ for the broken of this world.

I enjoyed this book, but have to say that it does not quite reach the high standard set by River’s best known novel ‘Redeeming Love’.

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  1. I have read the book and as a first time reader of this author found the book very interesting. However, I felt that some of the characters were too superhuman to be true. Overall a very pleasant read. Robbie.