Call for prayer during holidays for godly government and against ‘woke revolution’

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A call to prayer for SA by Philip Rosenthal of ChristianView Network

This holiday season, please set aside some time to pray for South Africa. In 2023, we will be fighting back an attempt at moral and political woke revolution. This is as big a change as the 1994 transition.

Please save this prayer list:

  • Marriage law change threatening morals and religious freedom
  • Education Bela Bill threatening parents’ rights
  • Decriminalisation of prostitution
  • Hate speech laws clamping religious freedom
  • Education department policy to push LGBT agenda on kids
  • Equality amendment Bill to force all organisations into woke agenda.

We also face the attacks and misinformation of false prophets and those they deceive of which no Christian grouping is immune.

At the same time we can give thanks for God’s merciful help in mitigating and holding back this onslaught in 2021 and 2.

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We need spiritual revival of a mainly backslidden and weak Church. God has done it before and can do it again.

The woke agenda incorporates sexual and human life revolution, and Marxist style brainwashing and authoritarian control of speech and organisations which they falsely claim is needed for social cohesion and to protect vulnerable people

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One Comment

  1. Many of us are praying along these lines on a daily basis – let us persevere in the fight – the battle is the LORD’s.