Calls on Malema to repent, apologise for blasphemous remarks about Jesus

EFF leader Julius Malema briefing media on the party’s planned national shutdown (PHOTO: Jacques Nelles/Eyewitness News/EWN)

Recent public remarks by EFF leader Julius Malema in which he said he and his supporters “are Jesus ourselves” have sparked warning calls for him to repent urgently and publicly.

In a statement released on Friday telling Malema to apologise for his remarks the ACDP cautions him that other leaders who have claimed divinity “paid dearly” for their blasphemy.

And in a statement drafted yesterday and released today by Advocate / Evangelist Molly Malete on behalf of the Body of Christ , Malema is warned, for his own benefit, “to repent with immediate effect before Monday, 20th March 2023”.

In recent days, ahead of the EFF’s planned attempt to shut down the country on Monday, Malema has spoken defiantly against anybody — including the courts and security forces — who stands in the way of his protest agenda.

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But by mocking God and provoking His anger Malema has gone too far, say the Christian watchmen whose statements are published in full below:

Message to Julius Malema
Date: 18 March 2023

We, on behalf of the Body of Christ/the Church in SA, do not take lightly all the utterances you have made about our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Be warned, therefore, that the Lord’s anger is aroused against you. The Lord gave us this word to tell you: Ezekiel 3: 16-22….that He has appointed people in the Body of Christ to defend His name and His Kingdom and to warn you of your wickedness, to call you to repent and to instruct you to ask for forgiveness from God Almighty against blaspheming the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and especially the CROSS. This is very very urgent. You need to act now and do that openly and through Public Media platform in the same way as you sent out the blasphemous utterances.

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This message is sent to you as a warning, so that when the anger of the Lord is carried out against you, you would not say that you were not warned……. We are warning you so that the Lord would not require your blood at our hands for keeping quiet. You are being warned to repent, therefore, immediately. We took the guts and pain to release this statement because, doing so is more to our benefit. If you heed the call it is going to be to your benefit as well. But if you don’t, then our hands are clean.

Take heed, therefore, there is no more time. It is urgent. Repent and withdraw your blasphemous utterances before God and His people

May the good Lord grant you the grace to repent with immediate effect before Monday, 20th March 2023. If you have an ear to hear, hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to you in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

From Adv/Evangelist Molly Malete on behalf of the body of Christ in Azania/South Africa

ACDP tells Malema to apologise for blasphemous statements

The ACDP wishes to state emphatically, that the recent statement made by the leader of the red berets, Julius Malema, cannot go unchallenged. Addressing a crowd of supporters, he is heard saying, “We are not religious. We can’t wait for Jesus to come, we are Jesus ourselves.”

The ACDP would instruct Mr. Malema to understand that not being religious, is no excuse for being blasphemous. He and his followers are not, and will never be Jesus, our Messiah. To equate yourself with Christ Jesus, is to declare that you are Devine and this is where the line must be drawn. Many a leader succumbed to the lie, that they are Devine and paid dearly for this. The Bible records one such leader, Herod. The people said of Herod, “It isn’t a man speaking but a god”, and at once the angel of the Lord struck Herod down, because he did not give honor to God. He was eaten by worms and died. Acts 12:22-23

The ACDP notes that this is not the first time Mr. Malema has courted controversy, by drawing in the Church. He is also known to have said, “We don’t need a silly cross to save our people.” Additionally, the EFF issued a statement before Easter in 2018, saying “the Palestinians are the crucified, hanging body of Jesus today.”

The ACDP wishes to caution Mr. Malema, in that our God is not to be mocked, for whatever a man sows, that shall he reap. The meekness of the church must never be mistaken for weakness. Within the ACDP, our resolve to contend for the faith, is unwavering and resolute. Like the early leaders of the Church, we will not be bowed, neither shall we step back from any attack on the Church.

The ACDP calls on Mr. Malema to apologise for his blasphemous statements. We also call in the body of Christ to take note of these leaders who blaspheme and dishonour God, but come elections, seek your pulpit to address God’s children. This kind of hypocrisy must not be tolerated or rewarded.

Issued by: ACDP Parliamentary Media Office

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  1. Rosina Maphalla

    Malema needs to repent our God is not mocked if not Abba will deal with him and his followers

  2. Mr Malema is really gone too far and he will never dare such about Muslims.He indeed needs to repent and owes the body of Christ and apology. We have many references in the bible who face the fierce wrath of God,Pharaoh and his nation paid dearly ,Nebuchaneddzar and of cause Herod to name a few.Including God’s children when they went against His laws and principles they suffered dearly .So Malema might be used and blinded by the Devil but that’s unfortunately is not an excuse judgement must be served in the absence of repentance..

  3. Lydia Moeng, the Apostle

    Malema needs to stop blaspheming our God from his political platforms. Christianity is not a political instrument. If he has anything against our God he must tell us or tell God. May he repent or face the wrath of God.

  4. Safura Ebrahim Saleh

    Must Repent to Our God

    • Linky Siwelane

      The day I saw his plasphemy about the cross, I was shivering. I even asked forgiveness on his behalf and his family. May He knows that this is not just a threat. You can’t mock God. We have many examples, even during our time people who did the same and didn’t escape the wrath of God. Indeed he had gone far. Thanks Wayne n team for this warning. I felt it need to be done. God bless you.

  5. But the Muslims also regard Jesus as special to them, a Prophet who is regarded as a vital part of their faith.
    I have not seen any resistance or articles from the Muslim community to challenge Julius Malema.

  6. Nombulelo Greatful Ntulo

    We thank God for the children of God like Advocate/ Evangelist Molly Malete who are bold and courageous enough to defend the Name of our God. God cannot be mocked and neither can He share His glory with any man. Indeed EFF President must repent and obtain mercy while it’s still time. Our God is a merciful God slow to anger and bounding in Mercy, however if Malema fails to acknowledge that, God’s judgement is sure upon him.

  7. Palesa Ndlangamandla

    Malema should repent if not we will see if what he continually boasts in will save him from the wrath of God.

  8. The man makes himself as an enemy of the majority of South Africans. His blasphemy is the same as Goliath against the people of Israel. David did not pray for the enemy he struck him down with a sling shot and sword. We speak the wrath of God against Julius. May the Angel of the Lord strike him down like he struck Herod

    • Elsa van Der Merwe

      God loves sinners. But hate sin

  9. ” Punishment is made for mockers and the backs of fools are made to be beaten”
    Proverbs 19: 29
    Malema is a man who constantly displays insolent fury and excessive pride. He is unrepentant and thus he will reap what he sows….destruction…not just for himself but for those whom he influences to be complicit in his blasphemy.
    We pray the name and blood of Jesus against all such offenders.

  10. james bryan innes

    I agree with all the above remarks . What is disturbing is that many more Christian leaders of all mayor denominations, and leaders of large churches have not responded.
    I wonder if Malema is aware of the two leaders that have responded to Gateway and whether their comments have been sent to him directly? Also, if so, has he replied?

  11. Acts 9: 1ff The Apostle Paul set out for Damascus “breathing out murderous threats” ( NIV) before the Lord Jesus
    Christ took hold of him and made of him one of the greatest Christian preacher/evangelists the world has ever seen. I’m praying God will do this to Julius Malema.