Can SA Christian youth help reverse downward moral spiral?

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I have received numerous emails complaining about Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta or Lady Gaga’s planned visit to South Africa at the end of November 2012.

Lady Gaga is probably the most twisted and depraved performer on the global entertainment scene. She cunningly uses the shock factor to ensure her domination of the media.

She also has a massive global following of impressionable youth – and that in my estimation – makes Lady Gaga a very dangerous individual. Her penchant for misusing religious iconography in her often bizarre stage shows clearly demonstrates her contempt for Christian beliefs and values.

Her concert in predominantly Muslim Indonesia was cancelled due to massive public outrage.

Many outraged South Africans asked me what action we can take to force the cancellation of Lady Gaga’s concerts in SA. In Indonesia, tens of thousands of citizens took to the streets to protest.

South African society is currently locked in a downward moral spiral that appears to be worsening every week. Most of the moral degeneration appears to be focussed amongst the youth.

Family breakdown, lack of parenting, appalling role models, deteriorating educational standards and the absence of Bible-based moral instruction in the schooling system are all conspiring to consign South African youth – of all racial groupings – to a life of hopelessness and despair.

The litany of social ills derailing the nation’s future generation include promiscuity, out-of-control teen pregnancies, spiralling rates of sexually transmitted diseases, rampant alcohol and drug abuse, gangsterism, school drop-outs, anti-social behaviour, prostitution and lack of direction.

What South African society needs is a massive dose of introspection. The nation is clearly heading in the wrong direction, but most of our political and civil leaders are too afraid to articulate this fact.

SA’s youth, and by implication, the nation’s future, requires a massive rescue plan. The rescue operation must be implemented by bold and innovative leadership to ensure our survival.

In the midst of the this moral crisis the liberal entertainment industry invited to our shores the world’s most morally repugnant performer presumably, to accelerate the nation’s moral decline.

What South Africa needs is a massive public demonstration led by Christian youth objecting to the grotesque and demonic performances in South Africa of sick individuals like Lady Gaga.

The youth must also use the opportunity to make a call for a change of direction. The nation must return to the Biblical value system that ensures a strong, healthy and prosperous society.

Perhaps the Christian youth can wake up the slumbering giant that is the Christian Church.

The youth was mainly responsible for the historic changes in Egypt and Libya. The Muslim youth came out in droves in Indonesia to voice their displeasure with Lady Gaga’s planned visit there.

Can the Christian youth in SA be the catalyst to reverse the current downward moral spiral here?

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  1. The church in general in South Africa needs to wake up to the fact that the times have changed. South Africa is no longer a protected environment as it used to be in the past where everything was censored. South Africa is now a secular state which means everything, the good the bad and the ugly have a right of way. The church must start training itself through seminars, workshops, conferences etc. on how to defend the Faith and contend for the soul of the nation that is being hijacked by humanists. How to win the battle against ungodly ideologies. We need to learn the rules of engagement in today’s world. How to engage society, government, our youth, the elite etc. and win them over to our point of view. It is now a battle of ideas. Our nation is on auction and the highest bidder will win. The church has to be prepared to be the highest bidder. Thank God for people like Errol Naidoo who are at the fore front of the battle- contending for the Faith. Please don’t loose heart Errol, the church is slow but we will ultimately get there hopefully not too late.