Cardinal Napier: BBC is determined to undermine Christian values

Cardinal Wilfrid Napier of Durban at the Catholic University of America in Washington last year.

Originally published in Catholic Herald

Cardinal Wilfrid Napier, the Catholic Archbishop of Durban, has accused the BBC of trying to undermine Christian moral values through “propaganda” that tells people “evil is good”.

In a series of tweets, the cardinal said: “Hardly a day passes without [the BBC] promoting abortion, homosexuality, etc. Usual tactic is to identify a particular country, then isolate it as abnormal for outlawing xy or z.”

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When told that, as a South African, he at least did not have to fund it through the licence fee, Cardinal Napier responded: “But I do have to pay! Each time the propaganda is repeated I know more people are corrupted, myself included, by being told “evil is good!”

Cardinal Napier did not give any specific examples, but his tweets came as the BBC reported Chilean constitutional court’s approval of the abortion bill with a picture of a joyous woman celebrating the decision.

The BBC declined to comment on Cardinal Napier’s accusation.

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  1. Peter McGregor

    Cardinal Napier should be applauded for his stance, it is time that the BBC is exposed for its anti-christian activities. Some insight may be obtained by going here: