Concourt decision in Qwelane: implications for religious speech

Adcocate Nadene Badenhorst legal counsel to Freedom of Religion South Africa (FOR SA) unpacks the implications for religious speech arising from the recent ‘Qwelane judgment’ in the Constitutional Court On July 30 the Constitutional Court handed down a unanimous judgment in the controversial and long-awaited case of Jon Qwelane versus the SA Human […]

Qwelane ruling: Concourt seeks to silence debate on its ‘unconstitutional’ same-sex marriage decision — Philip Rosenthal

Philip Rosenthal of ChristianView Network sounds the alarm about a Constitutional Court judgment which he says threatens the constitutional freedoms of South African citzens The July 30 judgment by Judge Majiedt of the Constitutional Court found journalist Jon Qwelane guilty of hate speech for an article in 2008 calling for […]