About that label! Tertia’s story

Eighteen thousand, five hundred and twenty-four! That’s how many children are reported to have been raped in the year 2013/2014 in South Africa. Yet, even with that staggering figure, it’s estimated that over 88% of child rapes are never reported. So that number: Eighteen thousand, five hundred and twenty-four, represents […]

Four women who chose God

[notice]A fortnightly column on marriage, family and relationships.[/notice] As South Africa once again celebrate Women’s Month in August, this year’s anniversary is particularly special as it marks 60 years since the 1956 Women’s March to the Union Building where 20 000 women marched against proposed pass laws that threatened to restrict the […]

Life is too short for unforgiveness

[notice]A fortnightly column on marriage, family and relationships.[/notice] Life is too short to live it trapped in unforgiveness, living with hate and living with regret. In the last week alone I have heard of three deaths. Three husbands who left their wives with the reality that they have to continue […]

Of shoes and dust in marriage

[notice]A fortnightly column on marriage, family and relationships.[/notice] Try wearing your shoes on the wrong feet. You will only cause your feet to stress. You will not be able to move forward. You will walk but your walk will be skewed as if you are limping! What causes a perfectly […]

Joy and laughter at Kaleidoscope 2016

Cornerstone Church Bedfordview, in Morning Hill, Johannesburg, hosts the annual Kaleidoscope Women’s Conference, and it is attended by women from all over the country. Women come together, away from their home environment and families, in friendship, fellowship and worship, to hear the invaluable messages and testimonies from the panel of […]

Saving the next generation — Israeli pregnancy counselling leader in SA

  Visiting Cape Town this month has been inspiring and compassionate speaker Sandy Shoshanni, Director of Be’ad Chaim, (Pro-life) and mother of seven, from Jerusalem. Be’ad Chaim is an organisation that counsels pregnant women considering abortion, and gives aftercare whatever the outcome. It intends soon to start counselling for men […]

Not pleasant, but necessary

[notice]A fortnightly column on marriage, family and relationships.[/notice] Have you ever had one of those peaceful “me time” moments that gets interrupted? You might be enjoying your sleep in the middle of the day or sipping a cup of coffee while reading a good book. You might finally be watching […]