Witbank launch of new Christian women’s magazine — Lady Rose

Linda Chuter, editor-in-chief of Lady Rose magazine.

[notice]Patsy Fulton reports on the recent Witbank launch of Lady Rose magazine.[/notice]

Lady Rose, a new, glossy, Christian women’s magazine, will be launched in different cities around the country through until December.

Speaking at the magazine’s recent Witbank launch event, editor-in-chief Linda Chuter said the decision to start the magazine followed a seven year journey to find out what she needed to be doing with her life. Within four months of clarifying her quest, the first issue of Lady Rose is not only in print — it is big, new and national!

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Chuter, dynamic and in love with Jesus, says she has turned nothing into something to glorify Him. Her God-ordained quest is to encourage women to find their identity. “God chose me to do something no one else can do,” she said, “and that means finding my full potential.”

She cited changes in women she has known all her life, as proof of how finding your true identity really works. Her sister Lynette Mabbett, for example, makes prophetic cakes.

Chuter said: “Be who you are – without the stuff or even without your network of friends, because no person can help you when persecution comes – but God can!

“So go to God not to a friend for help. Friends’ prayers will hold you up, as God lays it on their hearts. But it is God and not your friends who can overcome Satan.

“God looks beyond the best makeup and shoes, to the heart — that is what counts to Him. So delight yourself in God and then follow the desires of your heart. He knows when He is number one in your life.

“God heals the broken hearted, He gives them dreams and visions,” Linda said.

The publication of  Lady Rose magazine is but one sign of God’s promise fulfilled in Linda’s life. Her ministry was birthed from her interpretation of a prophetic dream involving herself on a stage and a woman in a wheelchair. She was on the stage holding a microphone.

The wheelchair, in the dream, represented the world and its crippling hold over women. The woman is Leah from the Bible who had weak and dark eyes — she was the wife of Jacob, and the older sister of Rachel. She represents you and me – women who are often weary, worn-out, fatigued or trapped in our worldly wheelchairs, crushed under media-generated complexes and hang-ups.

“If you are the woman in the wheelchair, then it is time you love yourself for who you are, and that will be how you find the self which Christ inhabits,” said Linda, “and that is who Satan sees when looking at you.”

Linda encouraged: “Respectfully fear His presence and allow Him in. The signs will follow Him.

“Now is the time to put down that stuff and talk about God.” Linda said to the audience of over one hundred women.

“Now is the time to let go of the wheelchair – put down what doesn’t matter. The best part, Linda emphasized, was that intimacy with Christ will more than fill that gap.

Linda’s desire is to bring together something for women that is not being done already in the media — her passion is to stir up identity, and fulfil the prophetic word that she would influence media for Him.

“Pray for us,” she asked humbly in her role as editor-in-chief “that only Holy Spirit-led articles will be written and that behind the scene people are carefully chosen.

Anja Fourie.

The Lady Rose launch in Witbank opened with worship led by Anja Fourie, locally acclaimed vocalist and worship Leader, who together with her husband, Henrico, has three new music cds on the market. Anja writes for Lady Rose.

Bianca Gericke, another member of the Lady Rose team is the “dynamic doer” with a vivacious heart. She runs a business with her husband and home schools her three children. She introduced the Lady Rose perfume range.

Bianca Gericke.

Commenting on 2 Corinthians 2:15 she said the verse asks the questions “What is my fragrance for God? ‘What do people see of Christ in me?’”

She introduced Pure and Destiny, two new perfumes which she said were composed of essential oils and fragrances designed specifically with their name qualities in mind.

Monique Exley.

Another team member is Monique Exley who loves to write and has a heart for children, whom she longs to teach about Father God. She creates the children’s section of the magazine. Her work is aimed at showing children that Jesus loves them.

Lady Rose Issue 1 introduces children to the armour of God, without which we are susceptible to the wiles of the enemy.

Several testimonies were shared about what the magazine meant to people. For instance, Ilsa shared how she took a few copies of the first issue to a ladies’ retreat. She planned to use one as a gift for her secret prayer partner, for whom she would pray that weekend. The first time she saw her, her prayer partner was wearing a dress made of material covered with pink roses. Delightedly, Ilsa shared with her new friend, a verse which God placed on her heart about Queen Esther. During the course of the retreat the women were crowned. It thrilled Ilsa, when she read the magazine that both Queen Esther and crowns featured in the magazine. It was a deeply meaningful experience for her.

A light lunch of quiche and Greek salad was enjoyed by women, grouped at 10 different tables at the Witbank launch. Each table had a specially designed cake from Lynette Mabbett Prophetic Cake Ministry.

rose-cakeAt the end of the event, women were challenged to chat about the design of the cake on their table and what it could represent, and many spiritual insights were forthcoming. It was fun to encourage people to see more than just a cake. Tastefully packaged Lady Rose’gifts were given for each lady to enjoy at home — and providing gentle reminders of a woman’s worth before God.

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  1. Christa Greyling

    This is going to be a blessing. Cant wait to get my copy. May our Lord bless you all with this venture.