Christians blockaded in Syrian town

Originally published in barnabasaid Around 12,000 people were blockaded in a predominantly Christian town in Syria for two weeks by anti-government forces, who shot down people trying to leave and refused entry to food and medical supplies. Snipers prevented anyone from leaving the southern town of Rableh, shooting dead three […]

China missionary Freddie Sun loses cancer battle

Sun Yi-yin, known in America as “Freddie Sun,” lost his battle with cancer on Wednesday evening. He was 76. From 1992-2012, the Holy Spirit used Sun to organize and help with the operation of 154 Bible institutes and missionary training centers inside China, including Tibet. Serving as native missionaries, more […]

South Korean court upholds abortion ban

Originally published in World Community South Korea’s Constitutional Court has upheld a 59-year-old ban on abortions. The eight-judge panel needed six votes in favor of declaring the law unconstitutional in order to overturn the longtime ban. However, the court said Thursday that four judges voted to keep the ban and […]

Christian Pakistani girl, 11, jailed for ‘blasphemy’

Originally published in Baptist Press Controversy continues to swirl around Pakistan’s blasphemy law after the arrest of a young Christian girl for defiling words from the Quran. Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari has asked the country’s Interior Ministry for a report about the Aug. 16 arrest of Rimshah Masih, described […]

Iran declining help in aftermath of quakes

Originally published in Baptist Press Iran is declining offers of assistance from other countries after twin earthquakes devastated rural villages in northwest Iran Saturday (Aug. 11), killing at least 306 people, most of them women and children. “Our prayers go out for those affected by these earthquakes. We are asking […]

Christians tormented with music, then attacked

By Open Doors News For months, a group of Hindu extremists in southern India had been blasting high-volume movie music at the prayer meetings of a local Christian ministry. In early July, the harassment crossed the line to assault when the Hindus burst into the prayer meeting of End Time […]