US football star puts John 3:16 on page 1

By Mark Hensch – Originally published in Christian Post Talk of God is back on page one of the sports section and beyond thanks to evangelist quarterback Tim Tebow’s orchestration of yet another miraculous finish, this time in the Denver Broncos’ playoff win over the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday. The unashamed-of-the-Gospel […]

Pakistan Christian jailed for accidently burning Quran

Originally published in Christian Post A Pakistian laborer was jailed for blasphemy last week in Qaziabad, Pakistan for a crime he didn’t know he was committing: the illiterate man burned pages of the Quran. Khurram Masih, 25, a mason by trade, was working with other Muslim laborers to lay marble […]

Al Qaida plot to bomb all churches in Ankara unveiled

Originally published in Christian Post An official indictment against 11 alleged al Qaida militants was made public on Friday (December 9) which revealed a plot to bomb “all the churches in Ankara,” as well as the Turkish Parliament and US Embassy in Istanbul. The daily Taraf newspaper reported that al […]

Pope Benedict shares his three Christmas wishes

Originally published in Christian Telegraph Pope Benedict XVI revealed his three Christmas wishes for this year, just before remotely switching on the lights of the world’s largest Christmas tree, reports Catholic News Agency. “When we look at it our eyes are lifted up, raised toward the sky, toward the world […]

Christain youth killed for wearing cross

Originally published in Worthy News In October of this year, Egyptian news media published stories of an altercation between Muslim and Christian students over a classroom seat at a school in Mallawi, Minya province, which left one student dead. It was being reported as a non-sectarian, that is, non-religiously motivated, […]

Iran presses pastor: Islam or death

By Benjamin Weinthal – originally published in Jerusalem Post Iran’s government and security apparatus have ratcheted up the pressure on Evangelical pastor Youcef Nadarkhani to convert to Islam or face execution, Fox News reported on Saturday. Youcef Nadarkhani, now 34, was arrested in 2009 for questioning the compulsory Islamic education […]

House reaffirms ‘In God We Trust’ as US national motto

Originally published in The House on Tuesday passed a non-binding resolution reaffirming “In God We Trust” as the national motto. The measure sponsored by Rep. Randy Forbes (R-Virginia), supports and encourages the motto’s display in all public schools and government buildings. It was approved 396-9, with 2 abstentions. Forbes […]