Chief Justice Mogoeng hosting national online prayer meeting on Friday

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng will be hosting an online prayer meeting with national Christian leaders on Friday May 8 in a sequel to a historic online meeting with about 300 SA Christian leaders on Freedom Day (April 27).

The focus of Friday’s meeting, which is part of the 50-Days of Healing campaign which he heads up, will be to keep the fire of revival that was stoked at the previous meeting burning by praying for unity, hope, love, healing and restoration in South Africa.

South Africans are invited to follow the meeting online on the Facebook pages of AreiellaMinisries and VukaAfricaFoundation. The meeting will be from 3pm to 5pm.

In an interview with Faith Television this week, Mogoeng said that the 50-days of Healing campaign will be taken to Africa as a whole during an online meeting on Africa Day, May 25. He said national Christian leaders from various African nations will participate in that event.


  1. Margaret Ferguson

    I am totally supportive to the action of the Chief Justice. But I want to highlight the importance of ‘unity’. Unity is the Father heart of God as we see in the OT in Psalm 133 and in the NT in Ephesians 4 verses 2-6. But the prerequisite for unity in the nation is the unity of the church. The denominations are fundamentally in agreement and therefore need to concentrate on what they agree on and not on their differences, through unified action. That means ‘unity of purpose’ in the nation of South Africa. The leadership of the church needs to challenge itself to come out of individual power-based struggles which creates a ‘silo mentality’ and is a sign of ‘me, myself and I’ thinking. When the church acts in unity in the nation, God will bless that action. Why? Psalm 133 says that where there is unity, the Lord bestows a blessing. God wants to bless South Africa but the key is that He is waiting for the church to be His ‘hands and feet’ and the condition is ‘UNITY”. In 2015 I self-published a book that recognized that God not only wanted unity of faith but also ‘unity of purpose’ in the South African church. Covid 19 may have started to awaken the matter of purpose but God wants it to go beyond Covid 19 to a greater depth of purpose for the success of the nation.
    ‘Wake up,Oh sleeper,
    rise from the dead
    and Christ will shine upon you (Ephesians 5 v 14)

  2. I so agree with comment above. The Lord has burdened many to pray for, and desire unity over years. Since 1998 i have been praying for that unity and i have no doubt many started years before. When i look back it is quite amazing how unity has been coming about, and now with this present crisis, it has increased in so many ways. God will unite and purify us, His church so that we impact society and touch the heart of Nations.
    Margaret i would love to read your book. How may i get hold of a copy.

  3. Margaret Ferguson

    Jane – I can arrange to mail a book to you. However where do you live? I am in Cape Town. I am reluctant to give personal details in the media but I am willing for gateway news to release to you personally. See if that works. I can contact you provided I have your email. A friend said that the book was prophetic. I have been a politician in a European country and am now a resident of South Africa because God told me to come here and I am conscious that I am here for the nation. We have to realize that many of the issues that confront the nation in a negative way have infiltrated the church. Power and money are an example. But this is a time of sifting when God will sift out the true church. My book deals with issues relevant to S Africa in a secular way and in each chapter there is a part B that looks at the secular issues from a biblical viewpoint. I believe that God wants S Africa to become a blessing internationally so we must expect the devil’s schemes to be subtly hard at work to try and prevent it; so evident in this pandemic. God often takes the weak and failing things and turns them around for His glory. This is a time that needs great discernment in our prayer life. Blessings Margaret

  4. May God heal and bless South Africa.
    May I have the title of the book written by Margaret Ferguson

  5. margaret Ferguson

    Jane – the book is not available in the shops. I live in Cape Town, where do you live?

  6. Margaret Ferguson

    Jane – if you let the Editor Andre Viljoen know that he can send on your email address to me, then I can arrange to send the book on to you.