Christian Broadcasting Network launches 24-Hour news channel

Originally published in CBN News

Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) has launched CBN News Channel, a 24-hour Christian news network. The channel is available in 15 markets in the US.

CBN News Channel features a mix of live and breaking news coverage from the network’s Washington DC bureau, its Virginia Beach headquarters and other locations.

Pat Robertson founded Christian Broadcasting Network in 1960. The network describes itself as “a global multimedia organisation focusing on evangelism and humanitarian aid.”

“Viewers are hungry for news today and also to understand how current events, both here and abroad, affect them,” said Robertson. “With news bureaus and correspondents in dozens of countries and humanitarian aid efforts going on around the world, CBN News Channel is on the ground in the world’s hot zones and uniquely positioned to deliver important stories in emerging formats that will engage new audiences.”

Rob Allman is VP and news director of CBN.

“In this contentious news culture today, viewers are concerned not only about issues that are important to them, such as religious liberty, Supreme Court judges, Israel and our government leaders, they are also increasingly concerned with how the news is being reported by major media outlets,” he said. “CBN News will cover major stories where faith is relevant; we will expose our viewers to important stories they will not see in the major media, and our professional journalists will conduct respectful interviews with newsmakers on all sides of the political spectrum.”

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  1. how can we get CBN in south africa.