Christian couple evicted from Cape Town restaurant over anti-abortion message on jackets

Terry (left) and Peter Throp outisde the Gaslight Cafe is Muizenberg, Cape Town, after they were evicted over the anti-abortion message on their jackets.

Christian pro-life couple Peter and Terry Throp were ordered to leave a restaurant in Muizenburg, Cape Town today because of objections to anti-abortion messages on their jackets.

In an email to Gateway News Peter Throp said that at about 12.30pm today at the Gaslight Café in Muizenberg they were confronted by a middle-aged man with spectacles who introduced himself as the manager and — in front of patrons and staff — stated they were not welcome under his rights as manager to refuse admission.

When asked why they were not welcome, as they had been to the restaurant before, the man said: “I do not like what is written on your clothing,” said Peter.

“When asked to elaborate he, the said manager, refused to discuss it except to say that he had had complaints and proceeded to evict us from the premises. This was not pleasant to experience,” he said.

“We feel that the manager is being discriminating and should be confronted on his stance. This is an age when guest houses and bakeries, businesses etc. have come under scrutiny by the SAHRC [SA Human Rights Commission] and certain members of the press for exercising a management’s rights of admission,” he said.

He sent Gateway News a photo of himself and his wife outside the restaurant in their offending jacket. Terry’s jacket displays the words “Abortion is evil — Isaiah 5:20” and Peter’s shows the words: “Jesus saves — Matthew 7:7”.

The owner of the Gaslight Café, Ferdi Havenga, told Gateway News in a telephone interview that he had asked the Throps to leave because he had had complaints from patrons about “inappropriate”anti-abortion slogans on their clothes. He said people came to the restaurant to relax and did not want to be reminded about things going on in the world.

He said some people had had “unfortunately gone through abortion for whatever reason” and seeing messages like “abortion kills” stirred up emotions.

He said the Throps had been to the restaurant before, wearing their anti-abortion clothing each time, and also displaying anti-abortion messages on their car which the parked outside the restaurant.


  1. Mr& Mrs Thorb, thank you. Your work’s done for the day.

  2. So let us do a spur on them??

  3. TheThorbs must be proud off themself they have stird where it hurts keep doing it it is no skin off your nose and the restaurant is losing you as a customer you dont lose anything … Well done

  4. My sons want jackets like that please let us know where we can get them

  5. Good bye to many other patrons, who don’t wear the descriptive clothing, but who swear by the message!Good food and ambiance is not so far away!

  6. They standing for the Word of God

  7. They for the Word of God

  8. I cannot believe that this has happened in a restuarant in our suburb.What a disgrace for our community,which shows nothing but love to people. I would encourage all Christians and others to avoid this place. Somebody in there needed to see the messages,which they did. As a resident of Muizenberg I apologise to the Throps for the treatment they received from the Gaslight manager

  9. Why are only the Throp’s rights infringed upon? Why does the rights of the other patrons not count?
    How would the Throps’ feel if someone entered their home and voiced their views which are different than the Throps’?
    Above the entrance of most establishments, is written “Right of Admission Reserved”. Just as much right you have to choose who you allow to enter your house,just as much right do establishments have who they allow inside their premises.
    Stop feeling entitled to only your views and wants.
    If you want to make a scene with your views, then don’t be upset when others practice their rights too and show you the door.

    • Tolerance for other views is the essence of democracy and love for your neighbor.

    • John Gaslight is not a home it’s a café/resturant … really are people going to tell me what I can and can’t wear before I have a coffee!!!

  10. Visvarani Chengan

    It’s so sad that this has happened to the Throps. Whatever happened to freedom of speech or is it only that christians shouldn’t speak freely.

  11. [NOTE: I am basing my observation upon the U.S. Constitution, being fully aware that there may be techincal differences between our two countries’ constitutions.] Being a pro-choice atheist, I am, of course, sympathetic to the manager. But I am also cognizant of what I consider to be the universal right of freedom of speech. For me, the deciding factor is, it being private property, the manager’s right of freedom of speech (or the right to act as an agent of the owner(s) if he is not the owner himself) takes precedence over the customers’ freedom of speech, especially if the couple has a history of being disruptive (which I suspect was their intention all along). In any case, no patron has the right to disrupt business operations regard whether the disruption is political or otherwise.

  12. kenneth m alexander

    let us simply just ABORT gaslight restaurant.

  13. Well done to the Throbs for taking a stand. Keep spreading the word

  14. I agree with the pro-life message. I do not agree that attacking the owner or the business is the “Christian” thing to do. Does anybody know him or what his beliefs are? God’s love is what we are instructed to show. If there is justice to be had, it is for the Lord to determine, not us. Can you imagine how many more souls could be won with love in this situation rather than ANY other response?

  15. Well done somebody’s life will be changed because of this message.
    We as Born again Christians must stand together in unity for the gospel.

  16. Peter and Terry Throp released a statement today on what they consider to be a Christian response to their eviction from the Gaslight Cafe on Thursday. You can read about it here: [EDITOR]

  17. Peter and Terry Throp have given their Christian response. Instead of having a knee jerk reaction to such occurrences we as Christians have to stop think, meditate and pray and seek truth within the Bible on how to conduct ourselves as representatives of the King.
    Pray and support Gaslight as they do have a right to reserve admission. remember that “our struggles are not with flesh and blood…”.
    Further, keep Beloftebos in your prayers.

    God is love.

  18. Our constitution enshrines various rights – one of them is religious beliefs – so kudos to the Throps for not being silent. Expect to be persecuted if you stand up for the truth.

  19. You have no rights “as christians” you have rights as normal people. We are all equal before the law. Your christianity (or any other religion or non religion) don’t give you special rights. Stop demanding religion privilege.

    And stop the hate speach.