Christian school accused of “Islamaphobia” apologises for letter but defends right to pray for others’ salvation

prayformuslimsA Christian school in Sandton that was accused of Islamaphobia last week over a letter to parents urging prayer for the salvation of Muslims has apologised for any misrepresentation of Islam and insensitivity in the letter.

The King’s School in Linbro Park was reported to the education MEC and the CRL Commission by activist Yusuf Abramjee after he read the letter that was intended only for parents. The Gauteng Education Department reportedly strongly condemned the school’s behaviour and said they would investigate the matter.

In a statement of apology released this week, the author of the letter, the schools head of student affairs, Bob Fuller, said he did however believe that Christians have every right to pray for the salvation of those of other faiths, reports News 24.

Fuller continued: “…But in the same way, I believe that people of other faiths have every right to pray for the conversion of Christians to their system of beliefs, should they feel that is necessary.

“However, I realise that the way in which I expressed these ideas may have been insensitive. As Christians, our faith requires us to treat all people of all faiths with respect and dignity. If my words did not reflect this, I apologise.”

Fuller added that the purpose of his letter was to encourage the community of The King’s School Linbro Park to “pray for salvation” when they heard a nearby Imam calling for Muslims to pray.

“The spirit behind the letter was one of compassion for individuals, and my prayer is that as Christians, we will continue to engage in a positive way with people of all faiths and in a way that will build bridges and not create divisions. Once again, if I was unsuccessful in expressing this understanding, I apologise.”

School principal Maarten Geerlings also expressed regret saying he “unreservedly apologised” to “our Muslim brothers and sisters”, reports News 24.

“It is my sincere wish that this unfortunate incident will be the starting point of a relationship of mutual benefit between the school and our Muslim neighbours.”


  1. Dear Christian School Principal,
    You have offended me, my friend!!!! Re. Your apology… let’s get one thing straight, Muslims may be our neighbours, but they certainly are not our “brothers and sisters.” Jesus said that whoever does His Father’s will is His brother and sister and mother. Muslims reject Jesus as God’s Son and do not believe in Him. Therefore they are not our brothers and sisters. There is no relationship between light and darkness the Bible teaches. 2Cor.6:14. Let’s keep praying for salvation for Muslims and not be afraid to state our differences, even if it offends the other side.

    • Demitri, you have said it. The truth offends and we should not backtrack and apologize for it. We only please our God and not man. We love too much to compromise. How weak we look if we turn and run…Be bold and courageous in Jesus!

  2. A very good article and the responses are all Bible based, but vary in the response. This is also Biblical. At times Paul did not stand up for his rights as a Roman citizen in preaching the Gospel. This is possibly because other members of his team did not have the same privilleges. When imprisoned Paul chose to call himself a prisoner of Christ who is sovereign, not Rome.

    At other times Paul in phillipi chose to stand for his rights when they had been flouted, (public ally beating & imprisoning a Roman citizen without trial, Acts 16:37) Paul’s concern was for the spread of the Gospel & the safety of the new believers.

    I think we will only know the right response when actively pray for the evangelization of Muslims and seek by God’s grace to be the answer to our prayers. Online Prayer books are available, both international and local.

    As Real & Unjust the Islamic issues are, do I have my own freedom and comfort in mind or God’s kingdom, made up also of Muslims who will yet bow the knee to King Jesus, and leave Islam.

    Would, “Take up your cross daily and follow me”, help us to make up our mind on this issue?

  3. Why is it that the principal is so eager to back track and offend Christians in his haste to apologise to the Muslims .Stand firm in Jesus. God bless you Bob Fuller for your stand.

  4. It is time for us to stop apologising for being followers of Jesus. No other faith to my knowledge has ever apologised to Christians for being offensive about Christianity…..and offenses against Chritians and Christianity are daily apparent. In fact I am offended by the fact that the complainant is offended….. because Christians pray for the conversion of others….while he does not seem to be offended by Muslims who murder Christians who refuse to convert to Islam….So I will continue to pray that all Muslims including the complainant, come to salvation by acknowledging that Jesus is the Son of the real God and only through Him are we able to have eternal life….