Continent is delivered from centuries of slavery this week, declares Africa Day gathering

From the left, Prophetess Vuyokazi Joseph Matu, Hilda Ndude, Dr Busisiwe Raphuthing, Nombongo front of the SABC studio in Sea Point, Cape Town, on Wednesday evening with placards proclaiming the birth of a new nation in South Africa and calling on the ANC to hand over leadership of the nation to Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng, They went in response to prophetic declarations made the previous day during an Africa Day webinar attended by about 170 Christian leaders from SA and other African nations

Africa Day, which commemorates a landmark day in the history of the continent has been celebrated for 58 years — by politicians and the politically-minded.

But Christians have woken up to the day which is associated with the ideal of liberty and marks the founding of the Organisation of African Unity, now called the African Union and on Tuesday, for the second consecutive year, believers from different African nations celebrated the day by uniting online to pray and prophesy over the continent.

Last year Chief Justice Mogoeng hosted the first Africa Day virtual prayer gathering with leaders from across Africa, to pray for the healing and restoration of the continent. During that event calls were made for the Church to lead in the restoration of Africa.

The theme of the Church leading in the restoration of the continent was again at the forefront of this week’s webinar which was hosted by Gatekeepers South Africa. The main speakers were Pastor Segun Olanipekun, Apostle Nyakan June Munyeki, Rabbi Yoseph Lombe. Apostle Linda Gobodo, Apostle Naomi Sheneberger and Prophetess Vuyokazi Matu, who wrapped up the day with a proclamation that the time has arrived for the manifestation of the government of God, starting from SA and going through Africa to the nations of the world.

Pastor Segun, a Nigerian national based in SA, spoke first and led prayers of dedicating Africa to Jesus and for the Holy Sprit to be the governing spirit over the continent. He said many attempts had been made to steal the heart of Africa through bribes linked to financial aid and offers made to ancestors. But he said the season of the begging bowl was over and Africa was no longer looking abroad for handouts but looking above, so that blessing could come.

Apostle Nyakan, of Kenya shared a wide-ranging prophetic word for 2021 [See full word here] in which she said this year is a cycle of balance, judgment and order — and manifestation of God’s Word — within a decade (2020 to 2030) in which God is ushering Africa into her decade of significance and season of harvest.

“Africa is now breaking forth into her light. She is being restored to her original state. God is restoring her identity as a producer, wealth creator, refuge to the world and solution provider,” she said.

God is emphasising righteousness and the role of His Church in this time, she said.

Apostle Nyakan June during the Africa Day webinar

Rabbi Lombe of Zambia said: “We are meeting here to change history prophetically โ€” to bring down the government of God so that the will of God can be done in the whole of Africa.”

She noted that 2021 marked the beginning of the 500th year since slavery began in Africa in 1620. “It is a jubilee year and God works in jubilees. This gathering is not an accident, it is the right time, at the right place, at the right ordained moment,” she said.

As Joseph was sold into slavery and became a king, Africa was coming into its kingship and it was time to blow the shofar and announce the start of the jubilee, she said.

She said it is the time for the children of God to set the government of God in place and to teach presidents not to align with the mind of the systems of the world but with the mind of the Kingdom of God.

Apostle Naomi Sheneberger during the webinar

Apostle Linda of South Africa reminded the gathering of prophetic words over Africa found in Scripture and released by prophets. She said it is important to become familiar with these words, to be expectant and to pray what the Lord has spoken.

She said that in step with God’s prophetic leading, Vuka Africa, which she founded, has been declaring a message of hope and restoration for Africa through song, dance, word and print so that everyone would hear the message that God has answered their forefathers’ prayers — it is Africa’s time to arise and rebuild her ruins with the Church leading the way.

“The Kingdom of God has come, the government of God is here and Babylon has fallen,” she decreed prophetically.

During her slot from Zambia. Apostle NaomI released a prophetic word [see full word here] in which she said: “Africa your counterfeit identity is over. You are the continent of light.”

She said alignment and new Kingdom governance is being established in the continent and God is “rebuilding the ancient ruins and restoring, repairing and re-establishing your dignity.”

She said the day marked the beginning of God’s “great visitation” and “this new path will lead you towards and through the harvest, the greatest revival you have ever seen and a continent transformed forever”.

The final speaker, Prophetess Vuyo, said the moment had arrived which ended the past 400 years of slavery and initiated a time in which signs and wonders will flow through those who had been prepared to receive keys of governmental authority to rule according to the heart of God which is loving towards all people irrespective of their beliefs.

“We enter the time of the government of the Holy Spirit in South Africa and the manifestation of the government of God in power in the nations, starting from South Africa, and on to the African continent and the nations of the world,” she said.

“We have come to the time of Romans 8:22, a time for the manifestation of the sons for which the earth has been groaning,” she said.

She prophesied that it was a time of consecration for those prepared to enter a new assignment of Kingdom rulership starting the next day.

The Church should be at the forefront but needs to repent for failures, including bowing to the God of money because of a lack of faith, she said.

“South Africa you have a new story to tell. Babylon has fallen and the government of God has come,” she said.

Referring to 2 Chronicles 20 in which King Jehoshaphat and his people were prophetically instructed to march out “tomorrow” to face invading armies where they would “watch the Lord’s victory”, she said the Lord was instructing that a notification of good news of deliverance should be released publicly the next day. She said the announcement should include that God has “chosen a David”, namely Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng, to lead the government of God for the healing of Africa. Mogoeng, who is currently on long leave, was not part of Tuesday’s Africa Day webinar.

The almost-five hours webinar ended with participants sharing in communion, led by Bishop Boniface Makumba of Zamibia.

The next evening, Wednesday May 26, Prophetess Vuyo led a group to prophetically announce the message of the birth of a new nation under the Government of God in front of the SABC studios in Sea Point, Cape Town.

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  1. Greetings Children of the Most High God ๐Ÿ™. It is about time that people of God to be led in the Kingdom of God by Humble, Faithful, Righteous, Honest Christian Leadership.
    May The Will Of God Be Done On Earth As It Is In Heaven ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™Œ SHALOM

  2. This is God himself speaking through his vessels of honor. Arise Africa Arise. The time is now ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿ–•