Couple release second part of ‘revival blueprint’

In May we published the first part of a detailed vision that God gave to Mirjam Horak 10 years ago about a revival that would start in South Africa, then spread through Africa, to Israel and the world.

Recently Mirjam and her husband Warren released Part 2 of the “revival blueprint” in preparation for a trip to connect with revival-hungry believers in Cape Town, George and Port Elizabeth — three of seven “cities of revival” identified in Part 1 of the vision.

The couple, from Johannesburg ( another city of revival), say they have been following God’s timing in releasing portions of the 57-page vision that He gave to Mirjam in 2008 when she first arrived in SA from Holland.

“Now it’s time to get more momentum and to gather,” said Warren.

Recent prophetic words
He said it was encouraging to see that a number of recent prophetic words about South Africa tied up with the blueprint vision given to Mirjam 10 years ago. For instance a January word and July word by Rick Ridings which highlighted a heavenly highway/bridge linking South Africa, Africa and Israel, and the centrality of the Lion of Judah.

A report published in Gateway News today about an international “breakthrough” prayer gathering in PE from August 9 to 12 also resonates strongly with the portions of the revival blueprint released to date.

Parts 1 and Part 2 of the revival blueprint can be read here — scroll down the page to find Part 2. An audio recording of a Gathering of Fire in Johannesburg on July 14 goes into the second part of the blueprint in more detail.

IMAGE: GodTube.

Here is a summary of some of the visions described in Part 2 of the blueprint:

A huge Lion of Judah walked from Israel, down a river of  golden fire across Africa, to the southern tip of South Africa. There was fire in His feet and at the tip of His tail.

Stairway to Heaven
Then there was a golden river flowing northwards across Africa, that transformed into a stairway to Heaven. The stairway, reminiscent of Jacob’s dream, suggested there are things (surprises) that God has to give to Africa that have not yet been revealed

The Lion walked in a big circle, forming an image like a clock. He announced: “It is time for my fire.”

The Lion visited the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem where He symbolically strengthened intercessors who had grown weary praying for His fire to be released in Israel, Africa and the nations. As the man (representing revived intercessors) blew (i.e. interceded) with the Lion, rivers of gold flowed out from Israel to all parts of the world.

The Lion indicated clocks over each of the seven revival cities. The clocks displayed different times. As the PE clock hit 12, fire and a massive roar were released. As the sound of that roar reached the next city, fire was ignited and a new roar was released and added to the roar from the previous city. This process was repeated from city to city, producing a louder roar as it progressed, until there was one massive roar across SA.

The Lord said He was not just “doing this” in South Africa — He was doing it in Israel and the nations. He was raising torchbearers across the nations.

Massive open Heaven
The seven torchbearers from the different revival cities connected with one another via underground tunnels, resulting in much unity and agreement, until they formed one big, blazing torch and there was a big hole in the heaven above them. The circle of torchbearers spread their fire to a circle of people around them, who spread the fire to another circle. The process was repeated again and again, and the circles of flame and open heavens rippled across Africa, until there was a massive open Heaven over the continent.  

Fire was shot like missiles from the revival cities to surrounding places — especially into poor areas. The activity seemed to no longer be underground but visible.

A key came down like the key of David in Isaiah 22:22 — The key of the house of David I will lay on his shoulder; So he shall open, and no one shall shut; And he shall shut, and no one shall open.

Angels connected pieces of broken vessels with a rope. It seemed that the Lord was calling the nation’s intercessors to unite in  steadfast weeping and crying out for the nation​.

In the audio recording of the July 14 Gathering of Fire in Johannesburg, Warren comments on parts of the latest release of the vision. His observations include:

  • South Africa’s destiny is linked to God’s purpose for Israel. We need to be praying for Israel. The Rick Ridings words  show the enemy is attacking the revival blueprint plan for a heavenly highway from South Africa to Israel and that God wants South Africa to roar (praise God) against the enemy plan and to resist pressure to partner with anti-Semitism.
  • It was significant that a worship album called Roar was released at a live worship event in Port Elizabeth on June 16. Musicians from 12 local churches came together to release the unified sound.
  • Africa’s calling is to worship the King of Kings — when Africa worships, the whole world will be saved, because the revival fire is going to hit Israel and spread to the world
  • The torch bearers (revival-hungry believers) have a responsibility to gather in their cities — and with torch bearers of other cities — to spread the heaven-opening revival fire, and implement God-given strategies for a season in which cities and nations will be saved, and nameless believers will be called on by God to help disciple a great harvest of souls.

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