Darren Wilson sets sights on big screen adaptation of ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’

Darren Wilson (left) and Matt Bilen speak about the HeavenQuest project. (PHOTO: Screenshot from video clip on Kickstarter).

WP Films, whose trailblazing Christian documentary feature films (Finger of God, Furious Love, Father of Lights and Holy Ghost) have inspired viewers around the world, are planning to make their first narrative feature, HeavenQuest, — based on John Bunyan’s 1678 allegorical masterpiece, The Pilgrim’s Progress.

Following their crowdfunding triumph with Holy Ghost which became the most funded Christian film on Kickstarter by raising $357,655, WP Films have launched a Kickstarter campaign for HeavenQuest with the ambitious goal of $1.2 million.

The movie will be directed by Matt Bilen and written and produced by Darren Wilson and the team at WP Films. It will be a highly stylistic, fantastical, and beautiful story with themes of hope, sacrifice, and ultimately salvation, says the team in a project overview on their Kickstarter page. Although reimagined, Heavenquest will still focus on the story of a man, desperate to escape his dark past, who undertakes a dangerous journey filled with peril in hope of finding his freedom.

WP Films founder and director of its celebrated documentaries says: “For years now, people have been asking us when we are going to make a feature film that isn’t a documentary. Well, the time is now. While we will continue to make God-honoring documentaries, we have always had a heart for narrative film, and are excited to begin that journey with one of the most iconic and beloved stories in literary history.”

The Kickstarter campaign which offers backers appealing rewards runs for 30 days and will end on April 21, 2015. Anybody may back the campaign.

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