Defend Christian freedoms before it is too late!

Defending family, faith and freedom

I am grateful to God to report that we completed the ‘Watchmen on the Wall’ set and studio on schedule. We tape the first program on 20 Aug for broadcast on Tuesday 4 Sept at 7pm on TBN.

Arlene and I travel to Johannesburg the weekend of 18/19 August where I will preach the two morning services for Pastor Morgan Pillay at Kensington Community Fellowship Church.

I will use the opportunity to visit and interview Manie van Vuuren the Christian owner of Sha-Mani Lodge who was fined R20 000 and forced to violate his Christian beliefs by an Alberton Court.

I will also meet with Advocate Reg Willis, the Chairperson of the Christian Lawyers Association.  

We will discuss the possibility of convening a national Christian lawyers’ conference to establish an organisation similar to the US Alliance Defence Fund that will defend the rights and constitutional freedoms of Christians from attacks from homosexual activists and other anti-family groups.

The first ‘Watchmen on the Wall’ program on TBN will address the alarming erosion of Christian values and freedoms in SA. Please tune in at 7pm on September 4 for this ground breaking show.

While writing this update, Fox News reports that a man entered the Washington DC offices of Family Research Council (FRC) and opened fire. Security guard, Leo Johnston was shot in the arm.

The shooter is a volunteer at the DC office of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender group. It appears the “tolerant” homosexual movement are resorting to terrorism to intimidate Christians. 

FRC is the leading pro-family organisation in the US that uncompromisingly defends the family and advances Biblical Christian values in the US Congress, the media and general American society.

They are often attacked by radical homosexual activists for their pro-family views. Pro-homosexual organisations label FRC a “hate group” for their support of the natural family.

Arlene and I lived in Washington DC for six months in 2007 where I interned with FRC. The vision for Family Policy Institute was crystallised during this time. I am grateful to God for my time at FRC and for the love and commitment of Tony Perkins and the team to make my vision a reality in SA.

Please pray for Tony and his incredibly talented team at Family Research Council in the US.

Christians are increasingly targeted and attacked in South Africa and around the world for simply articulating their beliefs. Anti-family groups and the liberal media demand tolerance for all manner of destructive beliefs and behaviours – except when it comes to the Biblical Christianity.

There is a growing belief that homosexual activists are deliberately targeting Christian venues to punish them for opposing the homosexual lifestyle. Anti-Christian discrimination is growing in SA.

The Church must stand together to push back the anti-Christian and anti-family agenda of radical left wing groups. If you and I do not unite to defend our freedoms today we will regret it later.

Freedom of religion and freedom of belief, thought and opinion are enshrined in the South African Constitution. But these freedoms are quickly diminished if they are not vigorously defended.

The Body of Christ must snap out of its lethargy and recognise the threats against the family and the Judeo-Christian worldview it represents. Make your voice heard. We must not be silenced!


  1. A few points:

    a) this wasn’t for a marriage, it was for a renewing of vows.

    b) How does one couple’s marriage threaten your own? Is your own marriage insecure that you feel the action of “the gays” can topple your own?

    I love your term “anti-family”. I have a friend (who is gay) who is raising two beautiful, well-behaved and polite little girls.

    Contrast with my one Christian’s family who are divorcing, and whose kids are completely rioting hooligans.

    What does that say?

  2. Feel free, of course, to moderate my earlier comment for not fitting into your world view. I would expect nothing less – Lord forbid you have to deal with dissenting views.

    God bless…

    • Hi Stuart. Thank you for your comments which are sincerely appreciated. Your worldview is indeed different from mine but as editor of Gateway News I can assure you it is nevertheless welcome on this site. My own view, which is Bible-based, is that God has designed marriage as a sacred union between a man and a woman, and that it is meant to echo the relationship of Jesus with his bride (i.e. the Church.) I also believe that God hates divorce. And as you have observed I believe that it is quite possible for Christian parents to bring up brats while a gay person brings up polite kids: but I believe that both scenarios are outside of God’s perfect plan. So if we go by sight and our gut-feel alone, I believe we are on shaky ground. (There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death – Proverbs 14:12). I believe that the institution of marriage as ordained by God is indeed worth defending.

  3. Rev Ian Karshagen

    Romans 1:18-32