DRC group committed to biblical truth holding inaugural ‘family meeting’ in Pretoria

“It’s Kairos time — a historic watershed moment in the history of the Dutch Reformed Church!,” says the Kairos Network (KN) in an announcement about its “first family meeting of believers who are faithful to the Scriptures” on July 21 and 22 at the AfriForum Theatre in Brooklyn, Pretoria.

“Just as Martin Luther took a stand of faith by nailing his 95 statements to a church door in Wittenberg, like-minded people come together to declare their unity in Truth: “We can do no other, therefore we stand here!” says the announcement by the KN Work Group.

Explaining what led to the family gathering, the work group says: “Heresies that resulted from liberal handling of Scripture led the Dutch Reformed Church to increasingly exchange its Reformed identity for the idea of a ‘spacious house’ where ‘theological diversity’ is the watchword.

“Therefore, space is sometimes made for all sorts of points of view except for Biblical truth. The culmination of apostasy was the General Synod’s shocking decisions of 2015 and 2019 around same-sex relationships without any thorough Scriptural interpretation justifying the decision from the Bible. With this, the General Synod acted contrary to the Word of God. It was therefore inevitable that those faithful to the Scriptures and conservative faith community under the leadership of the Kairos Network would bring together what belongs together.”

The event programme includes a late breakfast on Thursday July 21 from 9.30am to 10am those who registered prior to the session. Thereafter an informal planning session will take place in regional context. The formal program will begin at 2pm with praise and worship. The main theme is “Together Forward as a Scriptural Faith Family”. Several other issues on the agenda are: A Scriptural Faith Family joins hands to bring hope to a confused world; A Scriptural Faith Family builds on solid foundations (Sola et Tota Scriptura — therefore about Scriptural authority); A Scriptural Faith Family accepts only pure Theological Training; A Scriptural Faith Family focuses on the Message of Salvation in Doctrine and Life and Our Scriptural Faith Family’s vision for the way forward. Proceedings will conclude with the last theme: “Our Faith Family’s testimony to the outside world and the Family’s Faith Statement”.

Expanding further on the event programme, the announcement says: “Expert speakers will introduce burning family affairs. The intention is that the speakers will always give the Family an exciting vision on the specific theme with underlying principles. Immediately afterwards, a panel discussion will follow where proposals for the faith family’s practical implementation of the matter will be considered. It is expected that experts in the regions will be appointed to take further proposals for implementation. These are therefore opportunities for Bible believers to make their gifts, knowledge and experience available to give practically implementation to a particular matter that is close to their heart.”

The beliefs of the KN are listed as:

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  • The biblical recipe is simple: Listen to what God himself says about it, believe what you hear and do what you have heard!
  • When we carry the burden of humility before the Lord together, we will also experience the blessing of the Lord together when He pours out the spiritual rain on us!
  • These matters are so important that we must understand; not only CAN it be addressed immediately, it MUST be addressed immediately. It is KAIROS time!

More information about the Kairos Network can be found at www.kairosnetwerk.net and you can register for the family meeting at www.fggsa.co.za

Weekly prayer preparation
KN invites believers to tune in on Wednesday evenings to a weekly prayer service between 8pm and 9pm to intercede for the  Lord’s guidance for the family meeting . To join the prayer time click on the link below any Wednesday from 7.55pm to 9pm: https://meet.google.com/jww-xkip-ccchttps://meet.google.com/jww-xkip-ccc

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  1. Sincerest appreciation for this article André, especially for including the link to our weekly prayer meeting! You are truly a blessing, a messenger sent by God, to carry His message throughout Southern Africa. Henrietta Klaasing

  2. It is also my prayer that the restorative intention of the Kairos Network will reposition the church (the NG Kerk) as essential service and agent of full gospel truth in our broken communities!