Dreams expert publishes journal and dictionary

Vincent Wienand, author of new dream journal and dictionary.
Vincent Wienand, author of a new dream journal and dictionary.

Port Elizabeth dream ministry specialist Vincent Wienand has published a dream journal and dream dictionary to help Christians record and understand what God is saying to them through dreams.

The purpose-designed journal which makes for easy recording of relevant dream data, and the 3 500 symbol dictionary, work together to help users interpret their dreams and develop intimacy with God, says Wienand who has been studying dreams and visions ever since God visited him with significant dreams and visions in 2003.

He has worked on-and-off on the dictionary project since 2005, finally completing it this year. Drawing on Biblical references, the works of recognised authorities in the field and his own experience, he has documented various meanings — both positive and negative — for the many dream symbols listed in his dictionary. Symbols include animals, body parts, buildings and places,colours, numbers and more. Wienanad advises readers to ask the Holy Spirit for guidance while working through the dictionary explanations of symbols from their dreams.

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The dream dictionary is available on a CD and the journal is available in both digital and printed versions.

Prophetic dreams and visions seminars
Wienand was a Catholic seminary student for some years in the mid 70’s. In 1976 he joined the nursing profession and subsequently married his wife, Barbara. During that era he was healed of facial paralysis due to Bells Palsy after a pastor prayed for him in a supermarket. In 2010, seven years after developing a keen interest in dreams and visions, he established Revelation Ministries and began conducting prophetic dreams and visions seminars in Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg. He will be visiting Cape Town in October, 2014 and recently has had requests to present his seminar in Zimbabwe and Uganda. He has also published a manual and workbook, ‘Dreams and Visions – A Biblical Perspective’, which delegates use at his seminars.The manual deals with dreams in Scripture, dream symbols and a Biblical approach to dream interpretation. His next seminar is on July 5 at Word of Faith Christian Centre, Port Elizabeth, where he has been a member for 30 years.

Wienand can be contacted at 084 8333 800 or mightyw@telkomsa.net for more information about his publications and seminars.


  1. The Dreams & Visions Workshops,manual and workbooks had brought me closer to GODS answers to my prayers and possible warnings to challenges that is forthcoming. Any believer need to get this literature to benefit in GODS WILL. Tnanks Vince

  2. Brent de la Harpe

    I can truly say that I have been blessed by this couple and also in the manner or rather ministry in which GOD has lead them ive attended many of their seminars in Port Elizabeth and I was truly blessed by them and the amount of information that I learnt about dreams and visions and even interpreting your own dreams but it is evident that they are lead by the holy spirit and their lifestyles reflect that.This ministry is a blessing to the body of Christ.

  3. Rochelle du Plessis

    Dreams and visions is an absolute blessing in my life. I have grown spiritually, moving to the next level in my relationship with God. I’m actually trying to get some of my friend to attend the next seminar on the 5 July, with me. It is awesome!!

  4. Shaun McNeilage

    I have been blessed by this ministry, we need to have a column..

  5. I was very blessed after a terrific seminar. This is a very dear and huble couple whose teachings really brought me closer to God. Thank you and be blessed

  6. Latasha Du Plooy

    From the very first seminar I attended it changed my life completely! Vincent is a wonderful teacher. He shares his God-given gift, his knowledge and understanding with guidance from the Holy Spirit. Vincent is certainly not only Port Elizabeth’s, but South Africa’s modern day Joseph. I’m honored to know him and his precious wife Barbara.

  7. Chantal van Rensburg

    I will definitely be attending the seminar on 5 July. Can’t wait to learn more.

  8. God Bless you Uncle Vince, I’m looking forward to this one. :)

  9. Jeremiah 23:16ff “Do not listen to what the prophets are prophesying to you; they fill you with false hopes. They speak visions from their own minds, not from the mouth of the LORD. … I did not speak to them, yet they have prophesied. But if they had stood in my council, they would have proclaimed my words to my people and would have turned them from their evil ways … The prophets who prophecy lies in my name say “I had a dream! I had a dream.” … Let the prophet who has a dream tell his dream, but let him who has my word speak it faithfully. … Is not my word like fire, and my a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces?” Yes, God does direct some people through dreams – the two famous Josephs of the Bible record such examples. and ‘Wienanad advises readers to ask the Holy Spirit for guidance while working through the dictionary explanations of symbols from their dreams.’ But how will God give confirmatory guidance? Usually through His Word. I myself had a life-directing dream in which a Christian Leader welcomed me into his Mission organisation. I did two things: First I re-read my Scripture devotions (God’s objective, written Word) of that morning. It included Acts 18:9-11, which gave a precedential confirmation; then I wrote off for information about this Mission, and it vibed with my spirit – subjective confirmation. Later I applied, and my application was successful – circumstantial confirmation. I don’t imply that my experience is the mandate for everyone else, but it illustrates the importance of the Objective Word of God which Jeremiah emphasises. Too many Christians go off at a tangent when they depend on Subjective experiences for their decision-making. Another Warning: If you are guided by a dream, don’t ever preach the dream. Take it for you personally, and take the obedience-risk for yourself without influencing others to follow your dream. As Jeremiah warned: False prophets tend to speak “peace, peace, where there is no peace”. I’ve heard many ‘prophetic messages’ delivered over other people, and they all seem to be happy, comforting messages. Yet most of the prophetic messages delivered in Scripture were messages of warning or judgment. That’s why “preaching the Word” is the mandate for every Christian (2 Timothy 4:2). Nowhere (to my knowledge) are we told to preach our dreams. May God bless and guide each of us in obedience to Him.

    • Indeed all prophecy is subject to the Word of God in Scripture. If a prophetic word disagrees with Scripture it is wrong. As believers in Jesus we are encouraged to prophesy over one another:

      1 Corinthains 14:1 Let love be your highest goal! But you should also desire the special abilities the Spirit gives—especially the ability to prophesy.

      And the purpose of this prophesy is to encourage fellow believers. Those who receive a word of encouragement have a responsibility to start living according to the potential that God see in them, lest they miss His best.

      1 Corinthians 14:3 But one who prophesies strengthens others, encourages them, and comforts them.

      There is a difference between the gift of prophecy that is available to all and the Office of the Prophet (Eph 4: 11-12) which is for equipping the church for ministry.

      This is a big subject that cannot be done justice to here. I have seen God do amazing things through prophecy. Test it, by all means. Value the written Word above the word of the prophets. But pursue the gift of prophecy. I sincerely believe there is a much greater risk to the church from not pursuing Spiritual gifts out of ear of error than by pursuing them in love and in community!

  10. Hugh G Wetmore

    Thank you, Andre, for drawing 1 Corinthians 14:3 to my attention. It is a corrective to the line of thinking I was taking. Yes, the spiritual gift of ‘prophecy’ cannot be fully treated here – it is vast. I’ve been exploring the link between the oft-mentioned gift of ‘prophecy’, and the not-mentioned gift of ‘preaching’, which was one of the commonest practices of Jesus and the apostles. They both relate to “delivering the Word of God to people” (1 Samuel 3:21, 4:1). I’m also studying the ways in which God guides His people, how He reveals His will to us humans. ‘Prophecy’ is but one of these. Such study involves matters of testable Objectivity and un-testable Subjectivity, and also how to distinguish between God’s gifts and Satan’s counterfeiting of God’s Gifts. As you say, “This is a Big Subject”!

  11. quoting Hugh G Welmore .” Nowhere (to my knowledge) are we told to preach our dreams.” The church does not take dream interpretation seriously probably because dreams are outside our culture’s scope of rationalism. Therefore, our culture looks down its nose at them and assumes they are leftover, undigested pizza from yesterday.

    This view is nowhere found in Scripture, but the Bible over and over declares unconditionally that it is God who speaks to us through the dream (Num. 12:6; Acts 2:17) and it is God who counsels us at night through our dreams (Ps. 16:7). The ratio is one in 10,000 of Christians who has received any formal training on how to interpret dreams. Absolutely astounding! Dreams & Visions is part of the prophetic and is totally ignored yet it is God1s language.I always say if a pastor or prophet don’t believe in the ministry of dreams and visions than they must remove the 220 references of dreams from the bible. Dreams and visions takes a third of the bible , the whole NEW TESTAMENT!.The book of revelation is all about visions that John saw and is about to take place soon! Prophecy is being fulfilled daily and it all deals with dreams and visions.

    This is an end time ministry, where God has raised up Christians, with the gift to interpret dreams and visions. Joel states: “‘In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams. Many people are puzzled by repeated, weird and scary dreams, and seek help in the wrong direction. People will pay R200 per consultation to have their dream interpreted through a Sangoma or fortuneteller, Where are the Joseph & Daniels!! It was common practice in early Hebrew families, to train a child how to interpret dreams,it got lost and today God is restoring it.

    The Aims of dream interpretation include;
    • Creating awareness
    • Education and counseling
    • Teaching various skills.

    The seminar which is presented, include the numerous aspects E.g. types of dreams, numbers, names, colours, people in dreams and animals etc Daniel 9v22; the angel came to teach Daniel skill.

  12. Im blessed by attending these seminars. Have learnt so much about interpreting dreams and being led by the Holy Spirit is amazing. Alot can be learnt from studying the jounals. Be blessed Uncle Vince and thank you for impacting my life through the seminars

  13. Olivia Mashimbyi

    Dream and vision workshops has equipt me a lot . I have learned so much .I can intreprite some of my dreams .I think it a great skill to have . My God bless you and you wife Vincent you such a blessing.

  14. As a pastor, attending the seminar held in Johannesburg felt like receiving back a long lost treasure – it was eye-opening. The symbolism in dreams, which also relates to symbolism in scripture makes reading the Bible even more interesting. Dreams & Visions represent an area that the Church needs to reclaim to live in the fullness of what God ordained for us. Like every spiritual matter, we ought to observe the authority of Scripture and keep preaching God’s full counsel whilst staying in totally obedience thereto.