Dutch Reformed Church group launching alternative synod next week

Flashback to a Kairos Network family gathering in Pretoria in July last year

Dutch Reformed Church members unhappy with the liberal stance of the General Synod are gathering in Vanderbijlpark next week to establish an alternative synod within the DRC. Dr Henrietta Klaasing, a member of the executive committee of the Kairos Network, sets the scene for the launch of the “Koinonia Synod”.

The Kairos Netwerk has planned a coming  together of a true community of believers because we believe in one holy universal Christian Church, the communion of saints.

Congregations were never intended to function on their own, to formulate their own confessions and to develop their own theology and liturgical customs. Congregations that are one in love and truth, in doctrine and confession, are structurally bound to each other by different forms and degrees of church connection.

There they must encourage, support, inspire and equip each other to be a light in this dark world and to preach the Gospe fearlessly. In order to implement this practically, congregations are called to join hands with other congregations (churches) that are already one in faith, doctrine and confession to make the unity in Christ visible in some form of church connection.

This gathering, the Koinonia Synod  (KS) will take place (God willing) from May 3 to 4 May at Ingwe Guest Lodge in Vanderbijlpark. This planned synod is provisionally called the “Koinonia Synod”. “Koinonia”, because we want to search together for the true community of believers. “Synod” comes from “sun hodos” (Greek “walking together”) because congregations yearn for a true “sun hodos” where congregations are again truly on the same path and can walk together towards the same end goal.

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KS) does not just want to repeat the agendas and activities of the existing synods, but rather wants to do what the existing synods have neglected to do, such as being a true bearer and protector of the Truth.   KS wants to stick to solid teaching for future generations, training of church councils, congregation leaders, Bible study leaders, cell group leaders and so on – based on Scripture  with knowledge and skill in the reformed confessions.

 * Article 37 of the DRC’s Church Order states that the constituent churches (meaning not the congregations but the regional synods) are free to withdraw from the general synodal relationship, retaining all rights, privileges, possessions, name, etc., when they can justify such a step before God in the light of His Word.

For more information, visit our web pages at www.kairosnetwerk.net or  www.fggsa.co.za

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  1. A formal church denomination in South Africa that returns fully to the Word of God would be valuable as a lamp on a stand and a city upon a hill! An example! A standard!

  2. Many denominations, including the Church of England in the U.K., are experiencing this situation – and I believe it will spread still further. The Anglican movement known as Gafcon can be seen as a parallel movement to the Kairos Synod, but on a much larger scale. What is seen by many (including myself) as a tendency which could develop into apostasy in the Christian Church world-wide creates a KAIROS indeed. We need to pray, and we need to be open to the Holy Spirit at this critical time.