East London pastor urges Christians to vote their values

Pastor Stef Davi in front of the Stirling Worship Centre in East London. He is challenging Christians to vote their values and not their fears in the coming election.

An East London pastor  is using church advertising space to challenge Christian citizens and his congregation to vote their values and not their fears in the coming national election.

Pastor Stef Davi of Stirling Worship Centre is displaying a Biblical Issues Voters’ Guide on a notice board facing a street in front of his church, and on a door and window pane at the entrance to the church. 

“There have been a few challenges from the public but once the facts were communicated in light of Gods word many people had been grateful and admitted to ignorance on what all our political parties stood for,” says Davi.

Pastor Stef Davi and his wife Julia at the entrance to the church.
Pastor Stef Davi and his wife Julia at the entrance to the church. Pastor Davi hopes that more church leaders will equip their people to vote according to Biblical values.

He says his desire is is “to see the body of Christ in East London unified and to understand our responsibility by voting Godly values” and for the Church to “consider sharing this information at every possible Christian fellowship or gathering leading up to our general elections”.  

Davi took a similar stand before the local government elections in 2011, when he displayed the Biblical Issues Voters’ Guide on the notice board in front of his church, and issued a call to Christians voters in a letter that was published in the Daily Dispatch newspaper.

Commenting on his current pre-election campaign Davi says that the voting mindsets of many Christians need to be challenged because they have become conditioned to put humanistic worldviews above God’s Word, thereby committing idolatry.

Referring to a recent Christian intervention which successfully persuaded to Parliament to exclude churches and public benefit organisation from provisions of the Women Empowerment and Gender Equality Bill, he says: “In  1 Chronicles 12:32  we read of the men of Issachar who understood the times and knew what to do. In the same way God has raised up many of our nation’s leaders with a prophetic voice who have received enough support to influence the SA National Assembly which overwhelmingly voted in favour of the Wedge Bill. If this did not happen our religious freedom as church Leaders would be constitutionally removed,  empowering the State to dictate what we may and may not preach”. 

The Biblical Issues Voters’ Guide that Davi has displayed was developed by Christian Action Network based on a survey of parties policies on various issues. A more detailed and interactive version of the guide is available online.


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    • Awesome. Well done dude !!! Let’s keep standing for Christian values. Have you heard of FORSA (Freedom Of Religion South Africa)? We have created this body to help protect our freedoms. Please contact me and get involved with us? 0833055441

  2. This is really sick: identifying “Christianity” with the capitalism, capital punishment and gun ownership. No wonder there’s such a backlash against “Christianity” in this country.

    • Macrina, I believe that the checklist is imperfect but valuable in that it challenges us as Christians to think and pray about whether our Christian values and our voting values line up. For instance the abortion question is a big one facing Christians in our nation where more than a million babies have been killed in the womb legally in recent years, mostly for the sake of convenience. I don’t oppose regulated gun ownership but I disagree with the view of some of my Christian brothers that God requires men to own guns. And so it goes on. The Israel question is missing from the checklist — it would be on the list if I had drafted it. May we as Christians allow God to renew our minds and change our behaviour where necessary so that we don’t just fall in with the culture or act out of fear but live according to His good, pleasing and perfect will (See Romans 12:2).

  3. Amen! Christians vote based on what they want and not what God wants! Enough!

  4. There are 613 laws in the Bible. The punishment for breaking some of these is death by stoning. How exactly are you going win an election on a platform of murdering gays,nonvirgins(women only),atheists,pagans,Jews,Hindus,Satanists,Muslims,sangomas,rebellious/drunk children etc? You cry about Christians in Pakistan,Afghanistan,Saudi Arabia,Iraq yet you want install the brutal theocracy here? The reason you have freedom OF religion is because you have freedom FROM religion. Be grateful for this secular humanistic democracy of ours for it is the prize we fought long & hard for.

  5. Clayton nobody will ever understand “Godly values and principles” in the way you have twisted the Leviticul Law. You will never comprehend the Grace and Love of God unless you first have a revelation Jesus

  6. a revelation of Jesus. Unless we first understand God as a Holy, Righteous and Just God we will never understand His Grace for the New Covenant. Grace empowers people to do what is right …. our constitution endorses murder against the unborn innocent child … if you thats what you foughtand long for then we are certainly on a different set of values.

  7. This pastor is right. Many Christians vote according to their fears or blind party loyalty, rather than on the basis of Christian principles. Church leaders are failing to educate their flocks regarding Biblical values and principles, which is part of discipleship. Without such knowledge, people lack discernment.
    Unfortunately, the voters’ guide is out of date regarding the various parties (which have proliferated) and their policies, notably the two newcomers, EFF and Agang. The presentation of the guid comes across as somewhat legalistic. However, what matters are the values espoused by political parties, and whether these are contrary to Christian values.
    As a Christian, I cannot vote for secular humanist parties that have endorsed and voted for ungodly legislation. Both the main parties are secular humanist and their policies reflect this. When one votes for such a party, one is endorsing those values and policies. We need to vote for godly government – and if every Christian in this nation did so, the political landscape would change.

  8. Suzette van Rooyen

    Vote your values and not your fears. How true! When making your “cross” remember Ex. 18:21
    But select CAPABLE men from ALL the people, MEN WHO FEAR GOD, TRUSTWORTHY Men who hate DISHONEST GAIN. We will get the Government we deserve so when people complain about the politicians, ask who they voted for!

  9. Rev Ian Karshagen

    Well done Pastor Stef! Please let me know how to get hold of the info material. contact me on 0833897856 or maclearbaptist@lantic.net. Bless you!

  10. Well Done Stef! So proud of you bud.

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