Education Department piloting handbook on dealing with Satanism

Gauteng Education MEC Barbara Creecy. (PHOTO: Citizen)

Based on reports in Citizen, Sowetan Live,, and women.24 blogs

The Gauteng Department of Education is piloting a handbook to help educators and parents deal with Satanism, Gauteng Education MEC Barbara Creecy confirmed this week.

Creecy, who signed a memorandum of understanding with faith-based organisations on Tuesday (March 18) to help deal with teenage pregnancies, violence, alcohol abuse, Satanism and the occult in schools, said: “There have been allegations of harmful religious practices at Lukhanyo Secondary School”.

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Religious leaders together with the department of education are using the handbook at the school, near Randfontein, where Keamogetswe Sefularo died in an allegedly Satanic killing by fellow pupils. If the book is successful in its trial run it will continue in more schools in Gauteng.

The book has information on what signs to look out for, and where and how to get help if you suspect that a child is involved in the occult. Creecy said parental and community involvement was important in keeping pupils away from experimenting with harmful aspects of the occult and Satanism.

Seventeen-year-old Kamogetswe Sefularo was stabbed to death in her chest, throat and abdomen by a 15-year-old girl who allegedly drank her blood afterwards, South Africa’s Eye Witness News reported on March 6, 2013.

A friend of Sefularo’s told her family that “the leader and the girl who did the stabbing sucked Keamo’s blood from [a wound] on her neck,” the victim’s brother Zali Nxabi told News24.

“Satanism is widespread across South African schools,” former national head of the occult-related crimes unit in the SAPS, Kobus Jonker, said. “Principals call me a lot to say that there are these problems at their schools. One of the main things is that these children are looking for acceptance because families have broken down”, reported Sowetan.

According to enewschannel, clinical psychologist Dr Ian Opperman says that Satanism provides an opportunity for children who want to rebel if they cannot find a sense of belonging amongst peers.

But academics and religious leaders yesterday told The Citizen that people should not jump to conclusions about certain religious practices causing violent behaviour:

  •  “People give Satan too much credit,” said Doctor Gerda de Villiers, Old Testament lecturer at Pretoria University’s Department of Theology.
  • Professor Hansie Wolmarans, lecturer in Greek and Latin Studies at the University of Johannesburg, said that violence and superstition, rather than Satanism, is what needs to be addressed.
  • “To solve the problem of violence these superstitions need to be addressed.” Rev Martin Breytenbach, Bishop of St Mark the Evangelist Church in Limpopo, said that “although religious practices, such as Satanism, can play a role in violent behaviour, it is important to look at the bigger picture”.
  • Rev Peter John Lee, Bishop of Christ the King Church in Johannesburg, said that occult practices and Satanism are not necessarily the cause of dysfunctional behaviour. There can be a number of other reasons such as an emotionally unstable home environment.

    “Each case should be looked into and diagnosed on its own.” Lee said that “although it is each person’s constitutional right to live out their religion and beliefs, it is important to do so responsibly. As long as it’s not damaging to others and doesn’t interfere with the school curriculum, any religion can be practiced.”

“Since belonging to any religion, even Satanism, is not a crime in South Africa, how can religious bodies get away with accusing people of Satanism as if it were a criminal act to exercise one’s Constitutional rights?” was a question asked by Octarine Valure from the SA Vampyre Alliance. He said most people make assumptions and accusations, without asking questions to clarify what it is he believes in.


  1. When are we going to wake up and realize that we do not need new books regarding the behaviour in schools. We need Jesus in our schools, we need the bible as the only true book to follow. It has all the information and advise you will ever need.

  2. suzanne o'meara

    as an adult of 53yrs – i would also like a handbook’s to combat satan …..the older people also may need it much more.

  3. As a devoted satanist since the start of high-school I think this is a utter load of **** . Parents should be doing this without help of a text book.. You don’t have a idea of what satanism is about.

  4. Christopher Blackwell

    making up hand books to deal with a Christian fantasy is not dealing with reality. Christians invented Devil worshiping, even describe how they thought a proper Devil worshiper behaved. then unruly teenagers copied and did what the Christians taught them and the Christians then say see we told you so. Ironically it is Christian Fiction. Ironically all the wild claims about Devil worshiping are not backed up by actual facts, and actual evidence. Look at Police statistics and it does not show what the Christians are saying. We went through this before in the 1970s and 1980s. It was phony then an d it is phony now, but it makes a good living for some of the more corrupt Christian Ministers and the phony Occult Experts. It is just as phony as those that are advocating Witch hunts which is killing hundreds of innocent people in South Africa. Time to leave the 15th Century behind and to join the 21st Century. Interesting that the jews never had a Devil, it took the Christians to invent him.

  5. Christopher Blackwell, There are many people that think and believe like you. They believe Satan is not real..He;s an invention, witchcraft is just a fantasy, demons are fictitious, there are no occults, there is nothing like reptilians, illuminati is invented by bored school children…., there is no hell nor heaven.., there is no purpose to our existence, we are just created by the Big Bang..and we live to die. There’s not purpose, the same big bang that created us by pure pure chance, can happen again by chance and destroy everything. Yes, there are many people that believe like you. All i can say to you, we are almost at the time where the actors on stage are about to remove their acting masks and clothes, and reveal who they really are. Just wait…, the evil you say dusnt exist, is about to visit you and your family. Dnt you worry, you wont be hallucinating.., you will live with an “non-existinig” entities for eternity..the stage is set go..

    • Justin, I truly pity you. I can’t imagine living a life so filled with fear as yours appears to be. However, at least I respect that it’s your life to live; it is another pity that you can’t afford others them same respect.

  6. Christians subject their children to mindwashing from the day they are old enough to understand language. They starve their kids and sacrifice money to gain favour with there manevolent God, who ‘tests’ them every opportunity possible. Christians, murder other minorities and force people to convert in order to get to ‘heaven’ and They perform symbolic ritual like eating ‘flesh’ and drinking ‘blood’ and openly meet on mass to worship there god through chanting, singing and allowing there bodies to be possesed by the ‘holy spirit’.

    While many christians will be offended by this opinion of their faith – none will take the time to think that this is exactly what they have done to ours. Satanists DONT murder people, they don’t condone violence and they most certainly arn’t the ones who are giving your ‘satanic’ children in school their information. That would be You the media, movies and churches. None of the satanic killings that have occured in school follow in any way true satanic practices. Its just a bunch of angry teenagers who have no guidence trying to find mutual accepance by forming gangs who practice there own made up mumbo jumbo based on what you the media has spoon fed them.