Elevation Worship — Nothing is Wasted: Review

elevationBy now you know the music “hits” me in traffic for the first time,  so next time you see me ‘mouth wide open belting it out’, you’ll know…  This week our attention is turned to ELEVATION WORSHIP: NOTHING IS WASTED.  My first thoughts were that this album carries weight, like a declaration with every song that’s being sung.

Home base for these beautiful songs of worship is Elevation Church in Charlotte, USA.  This church was pioneered by Pastor Steven Furtick when this dream became a reality in 2006, with a handful of families and a passion for the lost.  He has always had the dream to write and record songs telling the stories they as a church family lived out daily.  It’s always exciting to discover new music and then hear names that have crossed your path in the past.  I was introduced to this dynamic young man’s ministry a few years ago while attending a local Global Leadership Summit when he was one of the speakers.

What makes this project unique is that each one of these 12 songs was written, based on the latest book by Pastor Steven Furtick, GREATER.  Every song was inspired by a chapter in this book and takes a deeper look at the life of Elisha.

The news gets better!  Here you will find two for the price of one, yes, not one but two CD’s.  The songs on disc 1 were recorded during a night of worship in Elevation Church, called The Experience.  One of the highlights for me was hearing the unmistakable sound of none other than Israel Houghton featured in GREATER, a song that he also co-wrote.  The live recording brought with it such energy and excitement and you could also touch on the intimacy in the room.

The second CD was a studio recording of the same songs with the heart behind it being “our prayer is that the different expressions of these 12 songs would inspire you to live a life of faith as we worship our God who is greater than all”.  On this CD you will also find the bonus track of GIVE ME FAITH.

This truly is a call to worship THE ONE AND ONLY GOD!

Let the worshipper in you arise!


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