Elevation Worship — Only King Forever: Review

elevationMusic Review by Ellenor Lotter


Today the stirred heart inside me is calling out to the worshipper in yours… 

With this week being very significant in our Nation with our people making their mark at the polls, we had the privilege of being part of the 24-hour Election Day BURN, hosted in the Walmer West Primary School, Port Elizabeth, from Tuesday evening at 19:00 until Wednesday evening at 19:00.  When we focus on God and His Kingdom, all other things will be added!  

Our spotlight this week will be on ELEVATION WORSHIP:  ONLY KING FOREVER.  A few weeks ago I shared with you that this group is based in Elevation Church in Charlotte, USA and it is very exciting to hear what they have come up with since then!  While listening to these beautiful songs and hearing the voices of God’s people, I felt as if a gentle hand came under my chin and lifted my face towards Jesus, truly the ONLY KING FOREVER. 

The album consists of 14 songs and this time they were joined by Darlede Zschech in the live recording.  The songwriting team included Matt Redman and Israel Houghton; what a combination!  I love what they did with BLESSED ASSURANCE.  Something old, something new…

I would definitely suggest that you give this album a listen and I hope to see you at the next BURN!!

Let the worshipper in you arise!

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