Enforcing vaccines like bringing back apartheid, says Meshoe at Pretoria protest gathering

About 750 people marched from Church Square, Pretoria to the Union Buildings yesterday to protest against mandatory Covid-19 vaccination, vaccination of children and the ongoing state of disaster

Enforcing Covid-19 vaccination is like bringing back apartheid that enforced separation of people depending on skin colour, said the ACDP president Rev K Meshoe at the Union Buildings yesterday.

When the University of Johannesburg was called Rand Afrikaanse Universiteit (RAU) during apartheid, he said, it had banned black students “who looked like me, he said.

“Now that it is UJ, though, it is banning unvaccinated students from campus, which we believe is perpetuating a policy of separating students. During apartheid, it was separation based on skin colour. Under the new democracy it is a separation based on vaccination status.”

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ACDP president Rev Kenneth Meshoe addressing protesters at the Union Buildings

The ACDP leader, in partnership with Free the Children, Save the Nation, led a march of about 750 protesters from Church Square to the Union Buildings. They were joined by members of the University Alliance, Free South Africa, UIM and Tshwane Waste Management Services as they marched for their constitutional rights.

At the Union Buildings Rev Meshoe handed over a memorandum to Dr Aquina Thulare of the National Health Department. In it government was accused of “declaring war against the liberties of this sovereign nation of free citizens.” The memorandum also called on government to end the “unjust and unconstitutional” state of disaster; and demanded an end to the rollout of the “experimental” Pfizer vaccine to children.

In addition, the Minister of Health and SAHPRA were told to declare that they affirm and uphold the Bill of Rights, especially the right to bodily integrity, the right to equality and the right to human dignity.

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  1. Hugh George WETMORE

    With love and respect, I point out that there is a VAST difference between Apartheid and the Covid vaccinations. “Race” is what we are born with. We had no choice re our race and skin colour. But we DO have a choice re whether to vaccinate or not. No-one was born with Covid, or with congenital resistance to Covid. Each person can choose. Even if it were mandatory, we can still choose.

    Seat-belts are mandatory, but we can still choose whether to buckle up or not. Statistics show that in the event of a car accident, those who buckle up have less chance of serious injury or death. So it is wise to wear a seatbelt. .Statistics also show that those who are vaccinated have less chance of serious illness or death. So it is wise to take the jab,

    Wearing a seat-belt preserves oneself. But getting vaccinated not only protects oneself but it also protects Others. It is a transmissible virus. So by getting vaccinated we care for Others as well as for ourselves. Surely that is what Jesus wants: Love Others sacrificially as He did when He gave his life for us on the cross. Vaccination is the will of Jesus, expressed in His New Commandment – in His New Mandate to us.

    Rev Meshoe is entitled to his own views, but he must not express them as a “Christian”, or under the umbrella of a CHRISTIAN Party … for they are contrary to Jesus’ Mandate to Love Others as He loved them.

  2. Hugh Wetmore you dont know what you are talking of – so leave this to the educated, intelligent people please. This has nothing to do with loving others at all – this is informing people of the DANGER of taking any of these vaccines. I have never heard of a vaccine polio, rubella, chicken pox, mumps that we had to have: ONE, TWO, THREE and a BOOSTER shot as this vaccine requires. I have never heard of any vaccine that has caused such an outcry, divided families, divided governments, and caused untold misery for people of the world – says something!!
    I have never heard of a vaccine where after you are vaccinated, you get the same infection again, and again!
    Including having two or three shots, died from the very same infection!!
    I have never heard of a vaccine that does not state what the ingredients are in it. All food, or beverages that we buy state what are the ingredients in it. Why are they hiding this from the public??
    The bible says my BODY, not spirit is the temple of God and I should not put in my BODY anything that will defile it…..
    These vaccines have caused: BLOOD CLOTS, HEART PROBLEMS, PARALYSIS, and much more including death, so why would I take it.
    Why has YouTube banned, and removed the doctors comments from their website who have spoken out about the dangers of taking this vaccine ?
    Think again Hugh Wetmore before you voice your comments until you get the REAL FACTS!!!