‘Father Of Lights’ touring South Africa

Todd White (right), of the film team, and two people they met in Jerusalem, where they shared an amazing God encounter.

Father Of Lights, the powerful and compelling final film in the trilogy that also includes Finger of God and Furious Love is touring South Africa this month.

Some 14 screenings of this 98 minute documentary that captures incredible God encounters around the world and reflects the Father heart of God, are scheduled in Johannesburg, Stiltfontein, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town from March 10 to March 24.

Darren Wilson, who made the trilogy, will be part of the entire tour. He started filming Finger Of God in 2006 without a script or budget. Since then the films have gone viral and challenged many Christians’ views about the nature and character of God.

At the screenings in South Africa Wilson will give a short introduction to the film and his heart in creating it, says Brittney Banks, of Wanderlust Productions, the company founded by Wilson in 2006. At some stops he will also speak at morning services or at separate events. The current schedule is available here and will be updated later.

Wanderlust has been actively working on other projects over the past two years. Two new films will be released this year: a biography feature on Ken Shamrock, an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter, which tells his story and walk with the Lord; and a short children’s cartoon, Anointed Fighters, that focuses on the main character, Tommy, coming to the Lord and learning to battle evil. These two projects are currently in post-production but will most likely be released in the US autumn season.

In July the company will also starting filming of its newest feature length project, which focuses on the person of the Holy Spirit.

“This project will be an entirely new venture for us, still a ‘God adventure’ type film, but we are going to be taking some new approaches to telling stories and showing the world who the Holy Spirit is. We already have some amazing trips planned and cannot wait to see what God has in store for us as we start this journey,” says Banks.

View Father Of Lights trailer:


  1. Good day we are a church situated in Hartbeespoortdam,we’re opening a bookshop at church and want to seLl your dvd’s….can you please assist me with further details.

  2. Can we please get the dates for when you will be where? Thank you!

  3. AWESOME! These guys make such amazing movies – the Holy Spirit guides them and in doing so inspires so many hundreds of thousands of people! I’ll BE there!!!

  4. Such a stunning film….you can feel the tangible presence of God’s power working as you watch it………….♥ highly recommended