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Defending family, faith and freedom
My confirmed meeting at Parliament on May 9 with Ms Rosey Sekese, the Director-General for Communications was postponed at the last minute when she was suddenly recalled to Pretoria.

The purpose for the meeting was to discuss amendments to legislation to prohibit porn on TV.

E-tv and other broadcasters are repeatedly manipulating the loopholes in broadcasting regulations to exploit women and children by flighting pornographic movies and porn SMS services on TV.

I will ask the DG to amend the broadcasting licensing criteria to prohibit all forms of sexually explicit content on national TV when we meet. Children as young as eight are currently exposed to hard-core pornography on television through the criminal actions of E-tv, the SABC and certain DStv channels.

I will also discuss the growing menace of children accessing hardcore pornography on the Internet including the horrifying phenomenon of increasing child-on-child sexual abuse in SA.

Significantly, The UK government is currently exploring ways to protect children from Internet porn.

Offensive Axe deodorant ad
I have sent Unilever South Africa an email demanding they immediately withdraw their blatant sexist and demeaning Axe deodorant advert which portrays women are mindless sex objects.

The ad explicitly shows a man spraying Axe deodorant toward his crotch area. Another scene shows a woman following the fragrance towards the man’s crotch, clearly suggesting oral sex.

The voice over says something like, “Show her the way to go” or “Axe shows her the way to go.”

If you agree the Axe advert demeans and degrades women as mindless sex objects then write to Unilever Communications Director, Elizabeth Pretorius at

Please request Unilever immediately withdraw this appalling advert and cancel all other adverts that dehumanise women. Should they refuse, I will initiate a nationwide boycott of Unilever products.

On a more upbeat note, the Department of Social Development will release the Green Paper on the ‘National Family Policy’ for public comment on May 15 which incidentally, is International Family Day.

The Green Paper’s purpose is to “arrive at policy proposals for supporting and strengthening family life in SA in ways that enable the family unit in SA to flourish and function optimally.” It also calls for “families to play a central role in the nation’s national development pursuits.”

The objective of the ‘National Family Policy’ is similar to Family Policy Institute’s vision which is to “make the family the central focus of government’s social development policy.”

The Green Paper presents the Christian Church in SA with unprecedented opportunities to influence government policy that will impact the South African family for decades to come.

I have written to Social Development Minister, Bathabile Dlamini requesting a meeting to discuss ways the Church can partner with government to achieve the objectives set out in the paper.

I have also been invited to participate in a Consultation on Classification Guidelines on 14 May by the Film and Publication Board. The classification of films, video games, magazines etc… need to be strengthened to better protect children from exposure to harmful content in the media.

Please pray and act to defend the South African family and uphold Biblical values in society!

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  1. Juanita La vita

    Dear pastor Naidoo thank you for the work which you are doing i agree with the amendments.It is shocking the amount of rapes that are happening.You are the voice we need or our morals will not exist. Thank you Thank you