Flashback to inspiring PE Youth Day celebration

Londy Ngcobo and Dr Pinky Ngcakani-Ncula at the PE Youth Day event.
As Gateway News we try to bring you timely news of what God is doing in this season. Sometimes we slip up — as in this case, where this report by Ndileka Aboagye was sent to us in good time but was only picked up by us today. We have decided to publish her story late, rather than not at all. And we take this opportunity to encourage our readers to send us Christian news, testimonies and tipoffs from their area. We will try to get your stories out on time!!! You can reach us at news@gatewaynews.co.za

A memorable Youth Day event presented by Womb Stewardship was held in the Feather Market Centre, Port Elizabeth on Monday June 17.

Womb Stewardship, a ministry founded by “Dr Pinky” ( Dr Pinky Ngcakani-Ncula ) is a movement that urges young people to remain celibate, lead holy lives, and offer their bodies as living sacrifices unto the Lord.

The youth day event was packed with profound speakers who encouraged and dared the young audience to dream more, and reach for greater heights.

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A keynote speaker, Londy Ngcobo, who is Africa’s first female dredge master, a job which involves piloting a huge dredger that plays a critical function in ensuring ports are navigable by ships with deep draughts.

Londi kept the young people inspired with her profound and relevant story entitled I have a dream.  She spoke about how she had a dream of being in a pink boat on a green ocean. Her story touched many members of the audience. Not only did Londi travel the world as a ship captain, but she also led teams that were usually headed by men.

Ziyanda Mavumengwana.

Another powerful speech was delivered by a young clinical psychologist, Ziyanda Mavumengwana, who spoke about shame.

“It is not the thing you did that makes you not recover; it’s the shame you wear around your neck as a daily reminder of your wrongdoing,” said Ziyanda. She encouraged young people to find a safe adult with whom they can share their struggles.

Sue Pietersen of Heart 4 Alternatives gave a moving testimony of her life as she spoke against abortion. Heart 4 Alternatives according to their website is “an extension of Christ’s love and compassion for women and children who are in crisis”. Sue encouraged the youth to contact them should they find themselves in a predicament.

Zoe stage play, written and directed by Pholile Maneli, was one of the highlights of the day as “Zoe” was lured into a life she didn’t plan as high school girl and then ended being pregnant and later considered abortion. (See video clip above of Pholile discussing the play with members of the audience).

Pastor Anthony Noble who is a fine artist, once again used his artistic way of ministering to the crowd and his teaching was well received.

The event was sponsored by McDonald’s, MBDA, alongside Coca-Cola and representatives from these organisations attended the event.

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