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A monthly column bringing you frontline testimonies of what God is stirring up across the globe. By international revivalist Lindy-Ann Hopley, Beautiful Witness Ministries.

Happy September everyone!

We are well on our way into the second part of 2017. Wild!

Life is worth living full steam, despite the bumps in the road — keep your eyes on the prize!

I have enjoyed a rather relaxing time in South Africa for the past two months!

South Africa is still Africa and I am still Lindy-Ann and therefore relaxed does not mean void of action!

What God has done this past month was simply awesome!

I am bursting to share the Beautiful Witnesses of God’s Love with you!

“Untamed” Durban was exactly that! God on display. Not in no box.

We started with their Supernatural School on the Tuesday night — the hunger to see more of His Kingdom made manifest was tangible.

You do not want to miss out on what God did during the next couple of days!

Lindy-Ann (right) and her friend, Brigette (left) with some of the ladies who organised the ladies meeting at Untamed in Durban.

The ladies morning was one of my favourites — one lady who was born with cerebral palsy had a huge breakthrough in physical healing! MUST WATCH!

Thursday night I was speaking on raising the dead … you do not want to miss the testimony shared on Sunday morning in church — resurrection power!

Watch every session on my Facebook page!

Exciting News! In November — I will be joining the CFAN team from South Africa in Nigeria. I will be staying an extra week to minister.

Seeing souls come out of darkness into His marvellous light – yes Jesus!!!

Cape Town, Paarl and Table View
After hearing the good news of being accepted on the trip, I got to teach on evangelism at the Cape Town School of Supernatural Ministry. We hit a mall nearby and people were blown away at how easy sharing God is.

Souls saved. Healings. Love. Holy Spirit.

Watch some of the treasure hunts below:

For more feedback from the Treasure Hunt go to the Cape Town School of Supernatural Ministry Facebook page.

The Paarl Ladies Event was next.

Lindy-Ann with her friend Sonia from Holland (left of Lindy-Ann) and on either side of them the two moms who invited her to speak at the Paarl ladies event.

I do not think anyone was expecting Holy Spirit to show up like He did that day! From 9am to 3pm and all the glory is His!

Beautiful day.

The first session we went deep, but it was much needed.

The second session was activation and miracles! Wow!

The girl who had sat right in front of me in a wheelchair all morning … well you should watch for yourself!

She could not walk for four years!!!

Our God is alive! His timing for your breakthrough is today! “This is the day of salvation” says the word. He died thousands of years ago to set us up with an inheritance in the heavenlies. Now we pray like this. “Our Father … let thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven!” Now! Amen.

I went to listen to healing minister Curry Blake recently and he said this one thing that simply hit the nail on the head.

“Religion loves everything except today!”

Wow — take it today! Your day for healing, salvation, deliverance — it’s at hand! Take it!

Don’t become familiar with your losses, aches and pains! Get your hundred fold return today! Amen.

The glory just continued.

The following day there was a God invasion at a church which had not had a guest speaker for a long time!

A lady in the church had somehow heard of me, came to one of my meetings and afterwards the doctor confirmed her heart was supernaturally healed! That is how the story goes! Woohooo!

The next day it just carried on…

My amazing and powerful friend Carol had invited me to come speak at her Glory Group in the morning and at her Transformers Group in the evening. Wow wow wow!

The joy of the Lord is my strength!

The following two weekends was loads of receiving and fun.

Danny Silk from Bethel was at out church — such good insight and revelation!

Family celebrations
And this month I got to celebrate my mom’s birthday at home! I was the chief decorator for the Mexican theme party. And my brother flying down to surprise her was also so special. Family time.

Lindy-Ann (right) and her brother (left) with their mom (middle) celebrating her birthday.

Sunday morning I got to spend time with my extended family — church.

Lunch along the coast to celebrate the most amazing mother in the world! Yes, she is.

Sunday night the party continued … in heaven!

Many people came forward to receive the gift of salvation.

It was so great having a whole team of friends with me, my mom on her birthday and a cousin of mine I had not seen in years!

She did not tell us she was coming and it was such a great surprise to see her! Even better was when she came forward to surrender her life to Jesus and I could pray for her. Thank you Lord.

My heart filled with gratitude when I saw the girl who came up to do the announcements. In 2005, she was sitting next to me as an altar call for salvation was made. It was my first time in a church in years at that point. It was also a Shofar Church. I was so shy and weeping so much, I asked her to walk up to the front with me, as I surrendered my life to the King. What amazing memories of this journey of working out my salvation, getting to know the love of God and of course to experience it TANGIBLY.

It was great to be back as the preacher in the church I was discipled in in my very early years as a Christian. Blessed.

Lots of miracles took place and Holy Spirit swept the room as He does.

Watch as the little boy gets instantly healed — cute!

What an August!

Whilst you are watching these testimonies and services — remember there is no distance and time in the Spirit. Even whilst watching you can receive your miracle!

Upcoming events
I am currently preparing for all the things God has lined up for me till the end of the year and into 2018.

This weekend I will ministering in East London, then in the USA, followed by Nigeria. I have been invited to speak at two crusades — Philippines and Pakistan. Next year kicks off with Dubai and India, followed by Holland and Romania to minister to the prostitutes again. The harvest is ready!!!

Most of these trips are not funded by those who have invited me and are costing thousands and thousands.

Also, God is bringing a team alongside me in this season and I am trusting for funds.

Will you be part of bringing in the harvest and taking the gospel to the ends of the earth?

Consider partnering with Beautiful Witness Ministries.

If you decide to become a monthly partner — please email info@beautifulwitness.com to inform us.

Thank you in advance.

If you know anyone in the USA — event details are continually updated on my Facebook page “Lindy-Ann Beautiful Witness” — please let them know!

I will be starting on the East Coast and then heading to the West Coast.Thank you for taking the time to journey with us. May your life never be the same again! From glory to glory!

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Lots of Love and Fire

Beautiful Witness

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