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GIBC’S Gap Year with a Purpose is a fun-filled and life changing Gap Year for those Matrics who are unsure of which path to take once leaving school. As a student you receive a lot of pressure to make a good decision concerning your future. Everybody just wants the best for you, but sometimes you just don’t know which path or study route to take. Statistics show that over 60% of Matrics do not complete their first year of university. It is most discouraging to make a rushed decision, choose something that you aren’t passionate about, and end up dropping out because you realise halfway through that it isn’t for you.

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frostsWhat do I want to do?
If you are asking yourself,”What do I want to do after school?” or “What should I study?” then consider Gap Year with a Purpose. Our specialised courses have been guiding Matrics into their future career paths successfully since 2003. GIBC’s Gap Year is designed to assist in helping students to discover their natural as well as their spiritual giftings. Through various courses we uncover the different natural and spiritual giftings that each student has. God always equips us with the giftings needed to fulfil our assignment. Discovering your purpose will help you to understand your God Given Purpose and giftings. Another benefit of the Gap Year with a Purpose is that it lays a solid Biblical foundation in the student’s life. This will ensure that the foundation of your future success is firmly established.

Two paths
Upon completion of this year, students will follow one of two paths: Corporate or Full Time Ministry. Corporate means that the student will understand their purpose and know what God is calling them to do as well as know which area they are best suited to further their studies in.

Full Time Ministry means that the student will have discovered the area of Ministry God has called them to for Full Time Ministry. From 2nd Year, personalised ministry plans are compiled to assist with the student’s training in their specific area.

GIBC Gap Year has great resources. Topics and examinations have been structured in easy, accessible pdf and MP3 to listen to whilst at the gym, travelling or going for a run. Gaiining confidence about your future, saving time, saving resources has never been more fun, exhilarating and life changing!

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