Ghana armed forces receive 2 500 Bible audio sticks

Theovision hands over audio Bible sticks to Ghana Armed Forces (PHOTO: video screenshot)

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Christian ministry Theovision International this week donated 2 500 Bible stick audio players to the Ghana Armed Forces as part of its mission to make all hear God’s voice.

The Bible stick is a small black digital audio player that contains the Word of God in a dramatised voice designed for military troops to help build and strengthen their spirituality. These wudio Bibles are in the native language of the troops, i.e. Ga, Ewe, English, Twi, and Hausa.

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The chief of staff at the General Headquarters of the Ghana Armed Forces, Major General Nicholas Peter Andoh, in his address after the presentation ceremony at he Command Officers’ Mess, Burma Camp, Accra, said: “A man is as strong as his spirit and not his physical being and anything that enhances the acceleration of the Word of God and also fastens its practice goes to strengthen the ability of the troops.

“And our belief is that this audio device is going to brighten the understanding of troops with the Word of God and also enhance their practice. When you are working and the Word of God is at the back of what you are doing, you are courteous, you will look at human knowledge, and that is what the Armed Forces does. And this is why we think that these Audio Bible sticks are going to better the lives of our troops.”

He expressed his profound gratitude by thanking Theovision and its partners for their diligent work and said that the objective of this presentation would be achieved.

The director general of religious affairs of the Ghana Armed Forces, Naver Comodo Adjei Djan, who also doubles as the chaplain, could not contain the joy of how these audio Bible sticks are going to help the Force.

He said: “Bibles are already given to our troops to help sustain their faith, and so this being an Audio Bible will go a very long way to support them when on missions, and that alone is encouraging because they can play it when alone or listen to it at any time, especially when it is in the languages of the Ghana Armed Forces, thus our mother tongue.”

Executive vice president for Theovision, Theodore Philip Asare, said: “This act is to make sure that everyone including our military also benefits by hearing God’s voice in the way they best understand that’s why we are here to present these audio Bibles so that, as they are on the field or being deployed, they are not deprived of the Word.”

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