Global prayer campaign launched against Covid-19


On Monday a global initiative of prayer against Covid-19 was launched by Healing the Nation campaign.

The initiative was announced at the end of a Zoom meeting to honour Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng for his boldness to stand on the word of God.

Mogoeng is currently facing intense criticism over a prayer he prayed at Tembisa Hospital last week against the second wave of the virus, and any potential “vaccines of the devil, aimed at infusing 666 and changing their DNA in the people”.

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Leading the session to honour Mogoeng, ApostleLinda Gobodo said: “Why should Chief Justice be the only one to take flak for the Kingdom of God? Is he the only son of the kingdom?”

According to Gobodo,  praying boldly against sickness and disease, and any plan of the devil is what every child of God should do.

She further explained that at while on earth Jesus Christ cured all sickness and diseases and gave the same power and authority to the Church.

“It’s time for the Church to rise up and be bold against Covid-19 and any evil plan of forced vaccines,” said Gobodo.

According to the global prayer initiative document: “This call to prayer is for the Ekklesia, the Church of Jesus Christ – everyone called by the name of Lord across nations of the world to stand bold together against the second wave of Covid-19 and the threat of forced vaccines – with the understanding that Jesus Christ has nailed sickness and disease on the cross, including Covid-19.”

The prayer call lists 12 prayer points — all based on different Scriptures drawing the Church to remember God’s Word in the face of a giant like Covid-19.

Gobodo encouraged people to prayer walk and prayer drive in their communities praying these prayers and also not to worry about the number of people who are praying, because God can deliver with a few – He looked for a man to stand in the gap.

“So even if you are the only one, take a stand and pray,” said Gobodo.

Below are the prayer points listed in the global prayer initiative:

1.      Serve God in Spirit and in Truth :Jeremiah 30:8-9

Prayer : Thank you Lord for the new and everlasting covenant and for giving us the Kingdom to enable us to serve you in spirit and in truth, acceptably with reference and godly fear for you are a consuming fire. Consume all evil O Lord – Jeremiah 31:31-34; John 4:23,24; Hebrews 12:25-29

2.      No weapon fashioned against Your people shall prosper :Isaiah 54:17

Prayer : Lord we pray judge by fire every evil vaccine created to implant 666 in people and to interfere with human’s DNA in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

3. Release the written Judgement Psalm 149: 6-9

Prayer : Lord we thank you for the honor given to all the Saints to execute the written judgement on unrepentant leaders, Kings, people in the nations. We declare you who plot vain things against destinies of nations and the people of God repent or perish – Luke 13:5; Psalm 2

4. Lord remove the covering cast over people and the veil over the nations : Isaiah  25:6-9

Prayer : Lord open the eyes of your people to see the evil that is unleashed upon them that they may know that you have swallowed death forever. Save your people that they may rejoice in your salvation O God – Isaiah 28:17,18

5. Lord raise a Davidic Company to slay the head of Goliath of our generation – COVID-19 :” 1Samuel 17:26-33

Prayer :Lord raise men and women after your own heart like David who will do your will in the nations. Those who will serve their Lord and king Jesus Christ – 1Samuel 17:20-58; Daniel 7:13,14,26,27; Ezekiel 37:15-28; 2Corinthians 6:11-7:1

6. Lord stop the plague : Numbers 16:46-50

Prayer :Lord you are well able to stop this plague right on its track. We cry out to you to send your fire to destroy this Corona virus (Covid-19) forever, that it  be no more together with the personalities behind this orchestrated global pandemic – 2Samuel 24:10-25; Psalm 68:21-23

7. We will not go to war on our own expense: Exodus 14:13 -14

Prayer: Lord we know that this battle is not ours but the Lord’s. We will see your salvation. This Covid-19 we see today we shall see it no more forever. It will go out the way it came – 1Corinthians 9:7;Isaiah 37:33-35

8. Lord drive out all 7 nations or giants from before us :  Joshua 3:10

Prayer: Lord we drive out every nation or giant occupying our land who have taken possession of our wealth illegally through manipulation false and evil contracts. We nullify and cancel those contracts in Yeshua’s name – Exodus 34:23; Joshua 23:5; Deuteronomy 7:1,9:3-5;18:2

9: We reject the one world agenda and all its associates : Revelation 13:11-18

Prayer :We reject one religion and one economy. We are not in a religion but in the Kingdom of God under the rulership of our King Jesus Christ. We refuse to be implanted with 666 through vaccines or any evil way. We the people of God reject the mark of the beast, we will not be deceived in the name of Jesus Christ.

10. As we prayer walk or drive our areas Lord send your angels to follow our route that we may dwell in peace:  Zechariah 1:8-11

Prayer: Lord we will prayer walk and drive our areas to take possession of our territories and to drive out any agenda of the evil one including Covid -19 – Joshua 1:3;11:23; Deuteronomy 11:24

11. Reject any false prediction or prophecy of gloom and death  Matthew 24:4-14

Prayer :We cancel every prediction of how many people are going to die of Covid-19. We shut every grave dug to bury people. Let those who prophecy death be the ones to occupy the graves – Psalm 35:4-8;118:17; Luke 16:16

12. Church of Jesus Christ arise and unite Isaiah 60:1-7

Prayer : Arise shine for your light has come and the glory of God has risen upon you. Receive the glory given to you by the Lord Jesus Christ that you may be one as Him and the Father are one. This is war, and a house divided shall not stand. Strive to be one in mind and spirit for the sake of Christ and the gospel – John 17:20-26; Philippians 1:27;2:2; Matthew 12:25-30


  1. As a Christian I praise God for raising up our Chief Justice who is fearless in his proclaiming our need of a Saviour to guide and rule South Africa with justice and righteousness. I pray for him that he will remain steadfast in his calling from God.

  2. You must remember that if this covid-19 vaccine is 666, the mark of the beast then nobody will stop it because it’s a prophecy, as christians we should not panic about this because we read and understand the bible. And the bible says, if your name is written in the book of life the mark of the beast will not touch and you must know also that some believers will be deceived too. No one will stop the prophecy if it’s time it will happen. These things must happen before the end times. If your name is written in the book of life there’s no need to panic. If studied the bible very well you will not panic. This things must happen. The bible says in the end times there will be wars, heavy diseases etc but don’t panic because it’s not the end yet