Prophetess in Ireland has prophetic word and dream about SA this week

Veronika West.

On Monday morning  Veronika West of Ignite Ireland Ministry in Belfast, Ireland, says God woke her early with an urgency to pray for South Africa, and last night (Wednesday) she says she had a very powerful prophetic dream about the divine dismantling of demonic strongholds over gateway cities of South Africa.

As she began to pray on Monday she says the Father showed her that even as He had hardened the heart of Pharaoh so He had hardened the hearts of the leaders in the SA government, but He had raised up a Moses in this hour to deliver His people out of captivity into the land of promise and abundance. Her word for South Africa is posted on the website His Kingdom Prophecy.

West also says in her Monday word for SA: “‘…the gift of repentance is now being poured out upon My People in this hour, and their tears shall fill the golden bowls and their prayers will fill My nostrils like a sweet fragrance,’ says God.

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“Watch!  For the Government of Heaven is now being established in the nations of the earth.”

West, a wife and mother of two who was born and raised in Zimbabwe is a prophetic voice to nations. She says she left Zimbabwe 20 years ago to travel and has family members in South Africa.

In an email to Gateway News this evening she says in the dream she had last night, she found herself standing on top of Table Mountain in Cape Town — a location she recognised by divine revelation as she has never been to Cape Town. As she stood on the mountain a mighty warring angel of the Lord spoke to her and she saw a fierce battle against demonic strongholds over 10 “gateway cities” including Cape Town, and heard a promise of an imminent dismantling of the strongholds.

She writes: “I hear the Spirit of God say: ‘Set the watchman on the walls of your gateway cities, set the watchman night and day. Now watch! For as my people come together in true repentance, unity and in one purpose in this nation suddenly a divine dismantling of demonic strongholds will begin to take place in the gateway cities of this nation, get ready! Listen! For the sound of a mighty rushing river will be heard across the land,’ says God.”

In the dream she also saw a man holding a rod over the nation. The man said: “Who has ever seen anything as strange as this? Who has ever heard of such a thing? Has a nation ever been born in a single day? Has a country ever come forth in a mere moment?” As the man tired the demonic powers regrouped but a multitude of people arose to support him and the battle against the powers prevailed.

West’s full email message to Gateway News this evening, including an interpretation of her prophetic dream, can be read here.


  1. Thank you Lord. I now understand all my tears as I pray for our beloved country. Repentance as a gift. Wow! Thank you Jesus

  2. Yes the cables are over this nation for the past 3 years.